What are we going to highlight?

Our marketers are specialized in marketing campaigns that achieve great results with unique concepts. We call it performance marketing. Whether it's Google ads, TikTok ads or Linkedin ads!

Measuring is knowing
To measure is to know in performance marketing. Performance marketing is driven by metrics such as the number of clicks, the number of website visitors or the number of purchases. That is why you often hear us talk about CPC, CPM or ROI.

But our performance marketing goes beyond cost per click, cost per thousand views or return on investment. At what time of day do people click? What weather – rain or shine – do your ads perform better in? These are all things for our marketers to respond to with performance marketing.

Performance? On which channel?
That depends entirely on your company, product or service. We draw up a marketing plan and strategy for each customer, so that the chosen channels and metrics match your company exactly.

Because while for one it is all about purchases in the webshop, for the other valuable contacts (leads) are important. While one can earn a lot with classic Facebook ads, the other needs TikTok ads to appeal to a young audience. Nothing is too crazy for us, as long as it fits your business plan.

Texts are so boring to read, hence a short summary:

  • We work from data & research
  • No surprises by full funnel data tracking
  • We optimize our campaigns continuously
  • Monthly customer consultation: so you too know what's going on

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