11 February 2022

Social Brothers Lab: How do you stimulate shopping with technology?

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At Social Brothers we like to participate in research. Because only with good research you will find out which technologies really work! That was reason for us to join our partner Notification to participate in the RAAK SME research project of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences under the supervision of Dr. T. Verhagen, professor of Emerging technologies.

In the RAAK research project, the AUAS, together with retailers and technology parties, has investigated which innovative technology can be used to attract more visitors to stores. Specifically, the following options have been considered:

  1. Mobile savings system (loyalty app)
  2. Interactive digital screens
  3. Location-specific messages (geofencing)
  4. Augmented reality in the shop window

It is important to investigate this, because developments in retail move quickly. Think of online competition and changing consumer behavior due to, for example, corona. This makes it necessary for entrepreneurs with physical locations to know which forms of digital communication work best. Only then can you respond well to it. What were the results?

Loyalty app

The first technique studied in the RAAK study is a loyalty app with a mobile savings system. Of all the technologies studied, this technique has the most significant effect on store connection, store visit intent, and in-store purchase intention. Especially the ease of use and usefulness of the app influence this effect.

Interactive screens

The use of interactive screens in the shop window contributes to a positive attitude towards the store, but can have a negative effect on store visits. There is a danger that using the screen becomes an end in itself. As a result, it does not sufficiently encourage passers-by to enter the store. It is therefore important to give consumers a clear reason to visit the store while using the screen, for example with a discount code.

Location-specific messages

Social Brothers already had experience with location-specific messages via the app we for SPAR University have developed. That is why the AUAS has approached Notificare and Social Brothers for this part. We have developed a new app for the research for the SME companies Marqt and Huize van Wely. On the basis of geofencing, users of the app receive a push message if they are within a certain distance of Marqt or Huize van Wely. The messages are alternately commercial and informative. It is then monitored via iBeacons whether the messages have an effect on the store visit.

It turns out to be difficult to get people to actually download the app. That is why it is advisable to clearly explain the added value of the app. A download incentive, such as a discount, can certainly help too. The usefulness of the message appears to contribute significantly to the intention to visit the store. It is therefore important to also think carefully about the messages that are sent.

The technology used makes it necessary for different technological partners to work together. There has to be a app developed must be used, geofencing & iBeacons must be used and there must be push notifications are sent. That makes this form of marketing especially interesting for the larger stores and retail chains.

Augmented Reality

A final researched technology in RAAK's research is Augmented Reality† In this part of the research, people can follow the manufacturing process of products via an AR app. The effects are similar to the interactive screens. AR has a positive effect on people's attitudes towards the store, but the enjoyment of the experience has a negative effect on the intention to visit. Apparently AR mainly distracts from the actual store. Here too it is therefore important to think carefully about how you can encourage people to visit the store.

Want to know more?

Do you want to use one of the mentioned technologies for your store or retail chain or a combination of both? Social Brothers is happy to help you with an exploratory study into the most efficient strategy. Of course we can also implement this for you together with our partners.

Would you like to know more about the RAAK research of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences? In this message from Retailinsiders you will find more information about the entire study. And in this message you will find more information about the use of location-specific messages.

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