11 February 2022

5 tips for marketing automation with HubSpot

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HubSpot offers as CRM lots of options for marketing automation† This way you can set up workflows with which your leads automatically receive one or more emails. You determine the trigger for sending the emails yourself. This way you can ensure that certain leads receive certain emails at certain times. This way you bring the right message at the right time to leads for which it is relevant. We give you 5 tips to choose triggers and the corresponding workflow.

Step 1 for marketing automation: user onboarding

When you're new to a place, you expect a warm welcome where you can get acquainted right away. The same goes for new customers from your online store. Leave them with a automatic mail know you're happy with them and introduce yourself right away.

Now is the time to set the tone and let them know what your company stands for. Do not underestimate this and take the time for this important step in your marketing automation. Go for an email flow that suits your company and is customer-friendly. Good examples can be found at CoolBlue and bol.com.

By the way, this is not a tip that is only for B2C companies. In the B2B sector you can also send such an email during the first contact moment, such as filling in a lead form.

Don't lose your customers: re-engagement

Suppose you haven't heard from a good friend for a long time. What are you doing then? You make contact yourself. This is also possible with customers who have not bought anything from you for a long time. Email them with the new offers to get them back into your store.

If customers have made a wish list in your online environment, remind them of their own wishes. If your leads left no wishes, you can also use special occasions like the end of the year to get everyone back on track. This way you ensure that your automatic marketing is in line with the customer and time.

What do you do with abandoned shopping carts?

And tip especially for the B2C sector: suppose someone has visited you, but has forgotten his scarf. Even then you let us know. So why not contact people who have left a full shopping cart in the middle of the e-shop?

Remind them of their purchase intention and possibly persuade them with an extra discount. After all, there is a reason that someone has not made a purchase. So give an extra motivation to buy anyway.

You sell more to convinced customers: upselling

Convincing people to buy something is easiest if they are already convinced. That is the principle of upselling. Someone who has bought kitchen appliances from you before may also be interested in a food processor. So let purchases also be triggers for your marketing automation. Of course, this also applies to the B2B sector. Anyone looking for a web developer may also be interested in online marketing.

Don't forget: customer happiness

It's always good to know if your customers are happy with you. According to the principle of Inbound Marketing satisfied customers lead to more satisfied customers. You can measure how satisfied your customers are with the Net Promoter Score. This divides customers into dissatisfied customers, satisfied customers and promoters, customers who are so satisfied with your product that they would recommend it to others. And of course you want that. By having customers fill out a short survey after a purchase, you can monitor and act on this.

Want to know more about marketing automation?

Learn more about the possibilities of marketing automation with HubSpot† Read our blogs about email automation en lead nurturingOr discover everything you want to know about HubSpot on this overview page.

Ready to set up workflows to blow your customers away? Let us know, we like to think along with you.

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