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The easiest way to rank at the top of Google. With our SEA campaigns you make sure you don't miss any opportunities!

Conversion driven SEA campaigns

We have been developing SEA campaigns for our clients since 2011. As a client you want to be sure that your budget is well spent, which is why we choose to develop our SEA campaign completely data-driven.

With SEA campaigns you advertise in the search results of search engines such as Google with text ads or shopping ads. Because the advertisements match the search terms used, they are highly relevant and offer many opportunities to bring in valuable leads. Because you pay per click, the ads are also cost efficient† That makes SEA a form of advertising that is widely used.

But how do you set up a good SEA campaign? For a good SEA campaign research necessary. You definitely want to know what the best strategy is? That is why we look at historical data of your company, competitors and keywords. That's how we know where opportunities lie for your product or service and we can organize the SEA campaigns as efficient as possible Setting up. Of course we also provide full funnel data tracking, so that we can keep a close eye on and adjust your campaigns.

19:00 plate on your lap, time for a summary:

  • Full data driven SEO campaigns
  • full funnel data tracking as basis
  • Weekly optimizations, in consultation with our clients
  • A / B test driven
  • Always in dialogue with the rest channels

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