11 February 2022

Check your texts with this SEO template

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Search engine optimization or SEO is the art of writing texts that are attractive to both search engines and people. This way, your website will appear in search engine results (SERPs) and the people who click on it will also continue reading.

When writing good SEO texts, however, you have to take many different things into account, from alt attributes on images to readability. With this SEO template from Social Brothers you can quickly check whether you have thought of the most common parts of your content.



  1. Does the keyword appear in the title (H1)?
  2. Does the keyword appear in the subheadings (H2-H6)?
  3. Does the keyword appear in the introduction?
  4. Does the keyword appear in the rest of the text?
  5. Does the keyword not appear too often?


  1. Can the structure be scanned clearly via the subheadings?
  2. Are the sentences unnecessarily long? Guideline: twenty words per sentence
  3. Are most sentences active?
  4. Are the paragraphs too long? Guideline: six lines
  5. Are difficult words not used unnecessarily?
  6. Does the text fit the target group?


  1. Does the message match the keyword? (keyword intent)
  2. Is the message summarized in the introduction?
  3. Does the introduction invite you to read further?
  4. Is the message repeated in the lock?
  5. Does the text end with a clear call-to-action?


  1. Are there any internal links?
  2. Are there links to authoritative websites?
  3. Are the links relevant?
  4. Are the links clearly visible?
  5. Have all possibilities to create backlinks to the web page been used?

Meta description

  1. Does the slug and page title describe the content?
  2. Is the keyword in the slug and in the page title?
  3. Does the meta description make it clear what the page is about?
  4. Is the keyword in the meta description?
  5. Does the meta description end with a call-to-action?


  1. Are there any relevant images?
  2. Are the images of good quality?
  3. Are the images a maximum of 100 kb?
  4. Do the alt attributes describe the images?
  5. Is the keyword in the images?

Want to know more?

Is the checklist not enough for you? Download us here comprehensive SEO template in which you can literally tick off all parts. If you want to know more about SEO, read us here complete SEO handbook.

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