May 17, 2022

Google Ads Hack: Using Local Business Campaigns

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You have a local store or location and would like to get more physical visits from consumers. How do you best approach this and how do you reach the right target group? Then Local Business Campaigns are the best option for you! It is possible to generate a large reach on various online platforms with one Local Business Campaign. For example, it is possible to promote your store on various platforms on Google such as Google Search Network, Youtube and Google Display Network. 

For whom are these types of campaigns most relevant?

  • Local businesses eager to generate more store visits from consumers in the area.
  • Service companies that want to attract customers in the area and do not benefit from advertising outside their radius. 
  • Tourism, hospitality or event companies that want to attract audiences in specific locations. 
  • A large company that has established itself at a new location and therefore wants to build up brand awareness in the area. 

Local Business Campaign on Google Ads are, as the name implies, used to reach local customers near your location. But how do you start setting up a Local Business Campaign? To start, you will need to add text to your campaign. In addition, setting a campaign budget and adding assets is a must. The rest is automatically optimized by Google to ensure that consumers can easily find your ad. The Local Business Campaigns have a large reach, since the most valuable target groups are automatically searched for to show your advertisements. Your store/location will be brought to the attention of the largest possible target group by Google in order to provide your business with more physical store visits and online traffic. The local campaigns are used to provide your potential customers with all the information they need need when they make a decision where and which stores to visit. 

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HHow do I set up a Local Business Campaign?

When you create a Local campaign you will need to set a location to promote your store/location. This is possible because of you Company Profile to link or by affiliated locations to select. Second, start creating your new campaign. You will see that it is possible to select the campaign type Local Campaign. As indicated above, you will need to provide Google with the following information: 

  • Logo (max. 5)
  • Photos (max. 20)
  • Text (max. 5 description lines with max. 5 headlines)
  • Call to Action (max. 5)
  • daily budget 

With the above information, Google can optimize automatic bids, place ads and create asset combinations. To run the best possible campaign, Google recommends setting a budget of at least €1.000 per day with a minimum duration of 30 days. This gives Google enough time to collect data, then data-driven decisions will be made for the best optimization strategies. 

Local campaigns also use radius targeting for affiliate local extensions (ALE) business profile and locations. The radius may vary depending on the intended locations and the user's preference for travel distance. Other factors that determine this radius include: vertical, population density, and competition. 

What are the benefits of a Local Business Campaign?

Local Business Campaigns are fully automated end-to-end solutions to optimize your bids, creatives and ad placements to increase traffic to your stores. There are several advantages to Local Business Campaign that may make it beneficial for you to opt for this advertising method. 

  • Successful Local Business Campaigns have a high relevance. This relevance affects, among other things, the number of clicks the ad generates. Because local target groups are targeted with the campaigns, relevance is practically a guaranteed given.
  • Local keywords contain a high action intent that leads to a conversion almost immediately. For example, when searching for terms such as 'pasta near me' or 'painter near me', there is a clear need that the user would like to have fulfilled immediately.
  • Local audiences are naturally more valuable because they have the ability to convert online, over the phone, or in person at your business location.
  • Since local campaigns aim to attract customers in a specific geographic location, competition for keywords can be much less than global ad campaigns. This means you can pay less and rank more for ad placements.

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All in all, enough reasons to start with Local Business Campaigns. Do you find it difficult to arrange this yourself? We have plenty of in-house experts who can help you with this! take here contact us so that we can discuss the possibilities. 

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