11 February 2022

10 tips and tricks for Google My Business

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If you Google the name of a company, a box with information about this company will probably appear on the right of the search results. This is Google My Business. This box immediately attracts attention: not only is it immediately at the top, it is also a large area with images. You can easily change or add to the general information, such as the location and opening times. We give you ten tips and tricks to get the most out of Google My Business.

1. Put the opening hours of your store or business in Google My Business

This basic information cannot be missed. You can also add opening times if your company does not have a visiting location. The opening hours are the times when your company can be reached by phone.

2. Add different opening hours

Do this, for example, if your company is exceptionally closed on holidays. This is of course especially important if you have a physical store. It prevents people from standing in front of a closed door or not being heard when they call. Also don't forget to extend the opening hours for extra late night shopping.

3. Add images of the location

The advantage of this is that images attract attention and your company therefore stands out in the search results. Also, people can recognize the location when they want to go there. Adding images makes it easier to find your company or store, both online and physically.

4. Add the services and/or products

Indicate what you are selling and be sure to include the prices. People will then see a brief overview of the products or services that are offered. This arouses curiosity and ensures that people are more likely to visit the website or visit your store.

5. Also create subcategories

Divide your services and/or products into subcategories. This ensures that the reader is not immediately faced with a very large text. Instead, a clear overview can be seen.

6. Don't forget the description

Do not forget to add a description of the products and/or services. Explain in two or three short sentences what the products and/or services are. It is important to draw the reader's attention, for example by naming a USP of your product. Also make sure that you use a good call-to-action to lead the reader to your website.

7. Add blogs to Google My Business

Via My Business you can add posts that appear with your company information for seven days. You can do this manually, but there is a WordPress plugin that ensures that every new blog on your website appears directly in My Business. We recommend taking advantage of this, as it will highlight your blogs and also draw people back to the website.

8. Request customer reviews 

Reviews are immediately visible in the box of Google My Business. Furthermore, the number of stars that your company receives on average is directly below your company name, both in My Business and in Google Maps (Maps and My Business are linked). So ask your customers for reviews. Positive reviews immediately ensure good attention.

9. Make direct contact

Visitors can get in touch with your company directly via the 'Ask a question' button. Make sure that these questions are also properly addressed within your company. It is a golden opportunity to come into direct contact with the target group. If you enable the messaging feature, you can also chat directly with your customers via Google My Business.

10. Keep Google My Business Up To Date

The last tip is: keep everything up to date. This applies to opening hours, telephone numbers, your services and products and to blog posts. This inspires trust and you show that something is happening at your company.

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