11 February 2022

The Essence of Data Driven Marketing

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Marketing has been practiced in many different shapes and sizes for several centuries, but the effective use of marketing tools based on known data was only taken up much later by companies. But what is Data Driven Marketing, how is it developing and what is Social Brothers doing with it?

What is Data Driven Marketing?

The business and management of marketing based on existing data is called Data Driven Marketing. A few years ago, for example, this was often done in telemarketing. Customers or former customers were called based on their past with that company. For example, segmentation can be done on the basis of age, gender, etc. Publishers could, for example, select men between the ages of 16 and 70 for a football magazine from their dataset, and parents with a daughter between the ages of 10 and 20 for a teenage glossy. Nowadays this is possible in more and more ways, partly due to the advent of digital media.

Social media

This effective use of data can be used extremely well with social media. Given the fierce competition on these media, the importance of Data Driven Marketing is essential. When a post has to be promoted via Facebook, for example, it is first necessary to determine the target group to be reached. Then, using the data known from previous posts (number of clicks via ad, conversion ratios, etc.) it can be determined how the specific target group will be reached. In this way, any form of content can be used specifically for a specific purpose, something that saves a lot of money and therefore also yields.

Social Brothers & Data Driven Marketing

At Social Brothers, Data Driven Marketing is very important. All data is extensively analyzed and together with our partners we look at how the target can be achieved for each campaign. Big Data is also something that is closely monitored at Social Brothers. This refers to all data collected via all conceivable digital media. With the help of this data, trends can be properly recognized and it becomes possible to predict future developments. Thinking ahead is therefore central here, something that naturally fits perfectly within the vision of Social Brothers.

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