11 February 2022

5 HubSpot hacks for your customer service

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At inbound marketing It's not just about marketing, it's also about Sales and service. After all, those are the moments that you can make customers happy. This not only ensures that customers come back, but also that they bring in other customers for you.

This is the principle of the flywheel of inbound marketing. And it turns out it works! Growing companies invest in customer service. But how does HubSpot help you with good customer service? We give you five HubSpot hacks for your customer service.

1. Set up live chat

Live chat is good for customer satisfaction. Via a chat you can quickly contact customers and leads and help them on their way. Fast service naturally ensures satisfied customers. This can be done via a chat with an employee, but also via the HubSpot chatbot† This means you can also be reached outside office hours and there is never a waiting time.

In addition, the chatbot can efficiently use information in your CRM and in your database. A good chatbot can therefore quickly and efficiently handle up to 40% of your customer questions.

2. Make use of the universal inbox

Today there are many different means of communication available. A customer may contact you via LinkedIn chat and then make an appointment via email and then consult via Zoom.

This makes it difficult to keep an overview between all contact moments and what was discussed in those contact moments. And that overview is necessary for good customer service. Nothing is more annoying than an employee who knows nothing about anything.

With HubSpot Conversations you have a universal inbox for live chat, social media and email. With the universal inbox, not only do all your teams keep track of customer contacts, but you can also answer your calls, regardless of the channel. HubSpot thus helps to improve your customer service.

3. Keep in touch with your colleagues

The Hub Spot CRM does not create walls between marketing, sales and service, which is very useful for good customer service. With HubSpot, customer service has a good overview of the contacts that a customer has already had with marketing and sales. This allows them to speak to customers better and respond more quickly to questions.

But the collaboration also works the other way, of course. Suppose the customer has contacted customer service about a technical issue that is still unresolved. Customer service can then make a note for the sales team not to sell in this sensitive situation.

4. Stay in touch with your customers

To really make your customers happy, it is important to know what your customers really need and whether you are delivering it. Surveys are a suitable tool for this.

This is easy with the customer feedback software from HubSpot† This allows you to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research and, for example, gain insight into your Net Promoter Score (NPS) or your Customer Effort Score (CES).

You can view the information from all surveys via one dashboard. This way, the entire customer service team in HubSpot can easily see how customer satisfaction is developing. You see where opportunities and areas for improvement lie, so that you can fine-tune your customer service strategy. It is also possible to compare the customer satisfaction of your customers against the average in your sector.

5. Bet on 'self-service'

Not only children are happy with 'doing it themselves'. The more you help your customers to solve their own problems, the more satisfied they will be. After all, doing something yourself is satisfying.

You can promote self-service by sharing your knowledge via blogs, white papers and online sessions. This way your customers learn more about the possibilities of your product or service, so that they can also get more out of it.

This form of delighting your customers or clients is an important part of the HubSpot inbound marketing strategy† You can use tools from HubSpot for this, such as the tool to design a topic cluster, but this is of course not necessary.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about HubSpot or about other tools to make your customer service run smoothly? Then read on!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Social Brothers† We are ready for you and if official partner of HubSpot we can help you with all your questions.

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