01 February 2022

Growing together with the best climbing forest in the Netherlands

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Social Brothers is Fun Forest's permanent online marketing partner. Fun Forest is the nicest climbing forest in the Netherlands. You can literally climb into the tree at the climbing park at four different places, but there are also other adventures to experience such as Archery Tag, supping and team building.

Fun Forest guarantees a great adventure in nature. Together with Fun Forest we have developed a completely renewed website, we improve the marketing results on a monthly basis and we have developed a business-to-business (B2B) proposition. 

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For Fun Forest we have developed a conversion-oriented website in multiple languages. The marketing team and the design team have worked closely together to create the ideal customer journey: how do visitors navigate the website? Where should call-to-action buttons go? The goal here is to get more conversions – with less money. In addition, the website is fully automated. Any booking can be made directly from the website. That is so easy for Fun Forest and reduces costs.

To drive online growth for Fun Forest, we deploy Google Ads, social ads and SEO landing pages. To spread the visitors, we only run the Google Ads at specific times. The campaigns thus take into account the maximum occupancy rate: after all, it makes no sense to advertise if no results can be achieved.

We have analyzed the historical data and, among other things, found out how many days in advance people place a booking on average. Based on this data, we then implemented a Google Ads script, in which campaigns are automatically turned off and on. With this we have been able to improve the results of Fun Forest enormously!

Facts & figures

In the high season of June, July and August:

  • wash our CTR average 25.46%
  • Did we pay on average €0,10 for a click
  • wash us conversion rate with an average of 11.87%
  • We paid on average with that €0,84 for a booking – on the lowest day this was only €0,34

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