May 09, 2022

WordPress 6.0 Update: Making Gutenberg Better

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WordPress 5.9 “Josephine” has only been on the market since January this year, yet the next WordPress 6.0 update is already planned for May 24th. This release focuses on facilitating content editing, making it easier for non-developers and people without technical knowledge to make adjustments within WordPress. Handy if you want to make a small adjustment or create a simple web page yourself. Are you curious what to expect from this new update? Then read on. 

Full site editing

Full Site Editing is a collection of new features introduced in the previous WordPress 5.9 update. With the help of blocks, users can adjust the design and layout of their website themselves without having to know any code. New page templates can also be created and easily edited. In WordPress 6.0, existing features within Full Site Editing are expanded and new functions that improve the user experience are added.

The main improvements are:

  • Style Switching: Switch between different styles to change the look and feel of your website without having to switch themes.
  • Export Block Themes: An improved export tool, which allows you to export block themes built and modified in the Site Editor.
  • templates: It becomes easier to find and modify templates. It also becomes possible to edit multiple templates.
  • ListView: There will be new keyboard shortcuts that allow you to select and edit multiple blocks at once. An option to expand blocks in list view by default.
  • Multi select: Select text in multiple blocks at once.
  • Responsive blocks: Specify how rows and blocks should behave on different screens. This allows, for example, the mobile display of blocks to be adjusted.

Build websiteNew blocks

In the Gutenberg Editor a number of new default blocks become available:

  • Comments: Display a list of comments left on the website.
  • Lees meer: Link within a Query block to a single page or post.
  • Post Author Biography: Display an author's biography within a Query block.
  • Profile Avatar: Within a Query, display the author's avatar.
  • No results in the Query Loop: Determine which content should be shown when no pages or posts can be found within the Query Loop.

In addition, it is also possible to lock blocks, so that they cannot be removed or moved.

design tools

For WordPress 6.0, the focus is on improving consistency, introducing more responsive capabilities and expanding the Supports & Elements API. The new update will also focus on:

  • Facilitate adjusting the height and width of blocks. (Layout)
  • The Web Fonts API that connects to global styles. (Typography)
  • The support for customizing block captions. In addition, the focus/hover effects will be adjusted. (elements)

WordPress website on laptop

You should now be fully aware of the new features within the upcoming new version of WordPress. Still curious about more explanation and information about WordPress 6.0, or WordPress in general? Check out the blog page of WP brothers. 

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