11 February 2022

How do I get creative content?

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Visual content, we've talked about it many times. It attracts and is easier to consume than a wall of text. Images, videos and photos work well on personal accounts, but business accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram also benefit from visual content. It creates a brand experience and makes it easier for the target group to connect with the organization. Now it is mainly about the application of visual content in the online field, but it is just as important to think offline about the branding of your organization through good photography, animations, brochures, folders and you name it all. While phone cameras are getting better by the day and almost everyone has Photoshop to give their photos an extra professional look, not everyone has the renowned Adobe program or has the time or skills to create something beautiful with it. So what if you value professional branding? We help you on your way.

Creative Cloud

The best solution for refining creative content is Adobe's Creative Cloud. The days of buying a CD or a load of CDs to install all Adobe programs are a thing of the past. The most common package gives you access to (a selection of) Adobe programs, such as Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator and InDesign. More info can be found here.


The learning curve for official Adobe programs is not small and you may not want to wait for thousands of possibilities and hours to days of tutorials. Then maybe it's time for Canva. With over 4,5 million users, Canva has grown quite a bit since its inception in 2012. Guy Kawasaki, the man who was responsible for Apple's marketing in 1984 and then became primarily known as a writer, speaker and social media specialist, has on his LinkedIn profile titled 'Chief Evangelist' from Canva. So this 61-year-old entrepreneur with a nice CV is driving the program, but what is it exactly? They say it is exactly what every social media manager has always dreamed of. With Canva for Work you put together the corporate identity that suits your organization in terms of color, logo and font. Then you choose what you want to create a graphic expression for. Is that for a Facebook post or are you creating an infographic that will be used on the website? It is not limited to social and online, you can also choose to design a full poster without having to have followed a graphic training course and without Photoshop. How it works?

Canva for Work is not free. It costs $9,95 per month if you take out a full year subscription and with a monthly payment it costs $12,95 per month. You can't do as much with it as with Photoshop, but it might just fit what you're looking for. In addition, it is less taxing than Adobe Creative Cloud, where a subscription quickly costs €60,49 per month.


Are you looking for more than sometimes slightly too perfect social media images and do you still need some adjustment work to be done to the photos that you have at your disposal? Pixlr is the little brother of Photoshop and gives you the global capabilities of Photoshop in a web app. You can start without an image and draw and design everything yourself or you can use existing graphics to enhance or merge. An additional advantage of Pixlr, which also applies to Canva, is that it is web-based. This ensures that you do not suffer from hard drives that crash and make your graphics disappear. Thanks to the popularity of Pixlr, there are many (video) tutorials to find. Want to see what Pixlr has to offer you?

Apple Pages

Graphic designers laugh about it, but Apple Pages can best be compared to InDesign. Developing a sleek document or a beautiful infographic is fine with Apple Pages. You don't have the workflow of Adobe InDesign and you might be able to make a thick annual report better with Microsoft Word or InDesign, but it's worth a try for smaller work. Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), is of course convinced of the possibilities of Pages and gives the example below as one of the possibilities. That looks pretty nice, right?

Screenshot 2015-10-28 14.42.36


Either way, creative content that is visual is essential, but also a bottleneck for the less technical social media manager or marketing man. Not only is photo editing important, but the step before that, collecting good visual material, is just as important. The tools above will help you along the way and are cost-effective, but it's up to you to discover whether they fit within the organization. Are you looking for a party that can help you on your way with the entire package, from photo to corporate identity to end product? Leave a message or take contact on!

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