11 February 2022

The perfect website for recruitment & selection

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Recruitment & Selection means a continuous search for the perfect candidate and the perfect client to place this candidate. Or vice versa. The fact remains that from a marketing point of view it is a very big challenge to serve all this target group and that a constant trade-off must be made between the message and the target group. Do you mainly address the large client on the website, or do you focus on the candidate? Do you profile yourself as an attractive agency or is the focus on the possibilities offered by the client? We give 5 tips for the perfect website for Recruitment & Selection.

Determine the focus, or not

Without a client, the candidate cannot be satisfied and without candidates you will not make many clients happy. An interesting field of tension, but where do you put the focus? The answer seems so simple, but we say: focus evenly on the three primary groups when there is no immediate opportunity or threat. By assigning 33% to each group you are honest and you do not fall into a party that apparently only focuses on one of the target groups. A candidate does not want to see an exaggerated sales story for the client and the client does not want to be flooded with countless vacancies.


Believe it or not, as a recruiter your core business is marketing & sales. You will not always have the most exciting and leading client for the perfect candidate. It is therefore important as a marketer to position yourself in front of clients who do not immediately appeal to you in the first place. In this way you ensure that the client as underdog still becomes an interesting option for the candidate. The other way around is just the same. By showing which clients have already been served, the expertise is demonstrated and you inspire confidence.


To say that Recruitment & Selection is human trafficking is perhaps a bit exaggerated, but let us in any case state that the activities are rather personal in nature. Although in 2017 there are still agencies that fail to create a personal appearance, this is a must. This can of course be done by showing the people behind the organization, but an even more credible option is to provide references. Let the placed candidate tell you how the process went and that he is completely in the right place and let the client tell you that without your help it was completely impossible to find the right talent, but that the company is now overflowing with talent.

Show the process

We still often see Recruitment & Selection agencies that try to convince the candidate with many calls-to-actions to start working for the perfect client through their agency. What is often missing, however, is the process. What happens when I submit my CV? How is privacy handled? When is the first cup of coffee drunk? When will the benefits come into play? Showing the process radiates transparency and provides clarity for both candidate and client.


Finally: dare to distinguish yourself and do not always color within the lines. Agencies that think they are unique with a 'personal approach' are not so unique. It is precisely by provoking here and there or by stimulating light that you stand out. YoungCapital is one of the few that succeeds in doing this, for example, by doing it radically differently than a party like Randstad.

Do you want to communicate the offer of your organization attractively and clearly to one or different target groups? We think along with you! From strategic consultation to design and actual construction. Take it without obligation contact Contact us for more information and the possibilities.

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