04 July 2022

Partner speaks: Prepr

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We have held another interview with one of our partners. We spoke with Jouko Huismans, the CEO of Prepr. What is Prepr? What does Jouko think of our collaboration? And what could we possibly do even better together? All interesting questions that we would like to see answered in this interview! 

prepr is a headless CMS platform with built-in personalization. We have been working with Prepr for 1,5 years and offer this software as a solution to our customers. There are several reasons why some customers opt for a headless CMS. First of all, a headless CMS is useful if you want to publish content on multiple platforms without doing double work. In addition, a headless CMS is very suitable for content-driven platforms due to its scalability and flexibility. We recently used Prepr as a content management platform for projects with the National Client Council and Human Total Care.


Prepr Headless CMSIntroduction

Prepr was launched in 2019. Since then they have conquered the market with their headless CMS system† They sell their product internationally, but Jouko says it is important to them to maintain a strong home base in the Netherlands and Belgium. What sets them apart in the market is the optimization and personalization they add to content management. The platform is based on big data technology, enabling data-driven content management. This means that content can be personalized based on interest and user profile. This personalized online experience ensures better engagement and a higher conversion rate. 

'Where content is a driver for the business, we can help customers very well. Our product offers one solution for content management and personalization.'

Our collaboration with Prepr consists of three different phases. 

  • The marketing phase
  • The sales phase 
  • The project phase 

The first phase is the marketing phase. In this phase, both Prepr and Social Brothers ensure that the funnel is filled with leads that fit the ideal customer profile of both companies. Second is the sales phase. Social Brothers is in the lead within this phase. Prepr is offered as a solution to various Social Brothers customers. The last phase is the project phase in which users are supported in both implementing and using Prepr.

Amsterdam city mapThe collaboration with Social Brothers

The collaboration originated through the City Card app project of amsterdam&partners, the city marketing organization of the Amsterdam region. We collaborated with capitol† This was the first project where Prepr collaborated with us. 

'Social Brothers did not yet have a permanent headless CMS partner. We complement each other nicely, which is why this collaboration was quite obvious. We do not do implementations for customers, while Social Brothers does offer this service. 

Prepr and Social Brothers have a constructive collaboration in which we are constructively critical of each other. In this way we make each other better and we strengthen each other. For this, openness and honesty with each other is very important. Only then can you say to each other what could be done better in the future. 

'What is clear to me about the collaboration between Prepr and Social Brothers is that we always find a solution for the problems we encounter. I like our open communication very much. Don't talk, but brush!'

If Jouko had to think about areas where we could improve our cooperation, he thinks there are still opportunities in co-marketing. It is a great opportunity to acquire customers who fit both the Prepr and Social Brothers customer profiles. Marketing and content marketing are playing an increasingly important role at Prepr. Through this co-marketing, he believes that we as companies can help each other to become structurally even better.

'Social Brothers is a fresh, creative and open minded company. As a customer, your project is in good hands. Social Brothers leads projects to good results, they have the expertise and the mindset for that.' 

What will the future bring?

Over the next two years, Prepr wants to focus mainly on the Northern and Western European market. The company has recently investment enabling them to accelerate their product development and scale up marketing & sales. In addition to scaling up the company, they also have the ambition to double their turnover in the coming period. Prepr's long-term goal? They want to become the market leader in the segment of data-driven content management. There are about ten headless CMS providers on the market, Prepr is the only provider in the Netherlands. The company distinguishes itself from the competition by offering personalization options. 

'We mainly focus on companies with an interest in personalized lead generation. Our target audience uses digital channels such as websites and apps to attract their own customers. Our customers' goal is to convert their leads through personalization.'

Future of Prepr


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