13 Mar 2022

How do you use the Snapchat Camera on Zoom? We explain it

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How do you use the Snapchat Camera on Zoom? We explain it

These are tough times and I hope everyone is safe. Time for a laugh, today is Friday again and another week at home is behind us. Everyone is active on SlackHangoutsMicrosoft Teams of Zoom† Almost every day I get the question, what do you think works best? Zoom!

Why? In addition to all the serious features that can be found on Zoom.com (breakout rooms, recordings, webinars, best audio experience etc etc) Zoom also has the opportunity to be the absolute boss during your Friday afternoon snack. Namely a Snapchat filter integration, allowing you to use the funny / stupid Snapchat filters right in your zoom. How cool is that?

Do you want to know how? Take a look at the manual:

Step 1: Download Snap camera from Snapchat
Step 2: Install Snapcamera on your PC/Mac and allow your PC's microphone and speakers.
Step 3: Launch and open zoom and start a session. Do not use the camera yet.
Step 4: At the video camera button, there will be a down arrow, select a Camera – Select Snap Camera.
Step 5: BOOM, It Works! Enjoy and take care of that smile

Tip, if the camera is not visible in Zoom at once, restart Zoom.

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