11 February 2022

The 'Social Brothers guidelines' for writing good content on your website

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We all want good content on our website. This ensures that you come (and remain) in contact with your target group and thus keep thinking about who you are as a company and where you would like to go. From 'always on' to 'always relevant', such as Eleni Stefanou wrote in the newspaper The Guardian. Content that is actually relevant, but how do you do that?

Below you will find the Social Brothers guidelines for writing good content on your website. This is where you should start for writing good content:

Always strive for quality over quantity

It is becoming less and less important to mention a lot on your website. Rather, it is important to be relevant to your reader. Put yourself in the shoes of the readers: what do they want to find on your website? Relevant does not mean that the good texts for your website have to be very deep and long-winded. Superficial and smooth can also be relevant. If you can write long texts that are also relevant to your reader, this is of course preferable, especially when it is in-depth information. Read more about this in us blog about SEO trends.

Watch your design

Humans are creatures of habit. That means we will always go for something we are familiar with. We love fixed patterns in our lives and so do the content. Therefore, create formats in your content that your visitors will recognize and find attractive. This increases the chance that they will return faster and that creates more traffic, which is good for your SEO.

Write SEO Friendly

Ranking high in Google is important, we all know that. Why are texts still so important on your website? YouTube is also the newest form of 'content' and a picture is worth 1000 words – so they say. Error! Web texts are extremely important and if you want to be found you need to know what your audience is looking for: what keywords do they use† Ask yourself questions like: what is the purpose of the page? Who am I writing the page for? What do you hope your reader will do afterwards?

You can then adjust your texts accordingly. Even if the public doesn't read, Google does read. It's just not a panacea, it's still the most important thing that you write an attractive article. Social Brothers has many creative, young professionals who can help you with this and always think along with you. Also check us out SEO Template for more information on SEO-friendly writing.

Write 'rollable'

The most important should always be mentioned at the top of the text. Make it as easy as possible for your visitors and give them the right information almost immediately. As a visitor, you rarely take the time to read all the content. Writing a good text for a website means: the news must be at the top. In addition, you use little or no jargon and you write clearly and clearly. If there is content that visitors have to take the time for (e.g. complicated or in-depth), then the whitepaper format is more suitable.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about writing good content for people and search engines, check us out complete SEO handbook.

If you need help with optimizing the findability of your website, don't hesitate to contact us contact on. Social Brothers is happy to help you.

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