11 February 2022

Create your own AR lenses for Snapchat with Lens Studio!

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For some time now, Snapchat users have been able to use Snapchat-made lenses when creating their Snapchats. A Snapchat lens is a feature in Snapchat that allows graphical elements to be added to a photo/video taken within Snapchat. The difference between a lens and a filter is that a lens is a graphic element that is added to the photo/video and a filter is a function that can adjust the color or show the time or location in the photo/video. video. However, since mid-December, Snapchat has launched its second official and free application, Snapchat Lens Studio. Lens Studio allows users to create and launch their own augmented reality (AR) lenses in Snapchat.

What exactly is Augmented Reality in Snapchat?

Augmented reality is an image of reality to which digital elements are added, allowing users to add creative and graphical elements to Snapchat. For example, this can be a good form of branding/promotion are for companies. Social Brothers has listed the most important facts about Len Studio for you below.

How does it work?

Lens Studio is a free desktop application for Windows and Mac in which AR lenses can be created for Snapchat. However, making these lenses does require some knowledge about 3D modeling and programming. This depends on how complicated the user wants to make their lens. Lens Studio also offers standard templates that are easier to make lenses and the user can also make lenses themselves, but this requires more knowledge. Lenses can only be created for the back of the Snapchat camera, because face lenses cannot be created in Lens Studio. When the user has created a lens, it can be activated. The moment the lens is ready, and can therefore be activated, the user can do this by authorizing the lens with his own Snap account. After this, the lens can be shared by the snapcode or URL of the lens, for example via social media, prints, websites, sponsored Snapchat messages, etc. to acquaintances, friends, customers, and so on. For example, check out Social Brothers' own Snapchat lens by scanning the snapcode below:

The technical background

To go into more detail about Snapchat Lens Studio, Social Brothers also mapped out the technical background and specifications. In the app, the user can create 2D and 3D animations by, for example, using the standard templates, which can be fully edited and personalized. In addition, animations can also be imported, but for 3D animations use must be made of .FBX or .OBJ files. These are files for 3D models/objects and can be created with many 3D Tools and programs. Lens Studio also offers the possibility to use scripts. This offers many possibilities for designing and creating interactive lenses. To give so much room for creativity, so that everyone can create their own lens. When the lens is opened in Snapchat, it can be used for 24 hours, after which the lens must be opened again by clicking on the link or scanning the Snapchat code. The Snapchat code and link are active for 1 year.

What can Snapchat Lens Studio do for your organization?

For organizations, Lens Studio can be a good way to reach a young target group by creating their own lenses for promotion and branding. Snapchat has 70 million users who use Snapchat lenses every day and these users are mainly millennials (born between 1980 and 2000). So when organizations use their own reading for promotion or branding, a relatively young target group can be targeted. Examples of promotion or branding via Snapchat lenses can be: lenses in which the logo of the organization is incorporated, lenses that say something about products or services and, of course, many more applications can be envisaged. Ultimately, organizations can use, for example, Social Brothers to create their own Snapchat lenses via Lens Studio, in order to be able to target a relatively young target group for promotion or branding, for example. Using your own Snapchat lenses can also give your organization a creative and innovative look, which can be positive for your market proposition.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in using Snapchat lenses for your organization. Our team is happy to assist you! We are also happy to assist you with questions or comments. take it easy contact with us!

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