11 February 2022

What if your MacBook volume can't go up

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What if your MacBook volume can't go up

The keyboard shortcuts on the MacBook and MacBook Pro are a favorite feature for many users. Quickly increasing the screen brightness or turning down the sound are examples of these handy and almost indispensable keys. But what if these keys suddenly fail? Discover the trick here to make your keyboard shortcuts work as usual.
One of our employees found out this morning that the hotkeys for adjusting volume and screen brightness no longer worked. Very annoying, because these are the shortcuts that are used the most. Googling the problem yielded dozens of sites with often unclear and irrelevant information. And that while the problem is very easy to fix. Our MacBook expert was able to solve the problem within 3 minutes.
Do you have problems with the screen brightness or volume buttons at the top of the keyboard? Then follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your MacBook
  2. Press the on button and immediately after that the key combination;
    'cmd' + 'alt' + the letters P and R.
  3. Keep pressing the keys until the laptop turns off and restarts
  4. The shortcuts are made!
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