Building an e-commerce strategy together

Starting a webshop is quite simple these days, but to really grow it is a challenge. To grow your webshop strategy, design, marketing en Development of interest. Our team is happy to help you.

E-commerce is indispensable for many companies. Whether replacing a completely offline business model or adding to current channels, e-commerce is an essential part of communicating with customers.

Since 2011, we have been helping our clients to achieve their online ambitions, by means of realizing e-commerce environments, data-driven campaigns en full process implementations.

For some of our clients we develop a complete e-commerce strategy, for others we help with the further development of the webshop or we optimize the monthly marketing campaigns.

For the realization of a new e-commerce strategy, we have developed a step-by-step plan in consultation with our clients, which maximizes the chance of success. This step-by-step plan is fully focused on the use of the available data within the market, from CRO to SEOvalues ​​of competitors.

In addition, we do not only look at the front end of an e-commerce strategy, which means that we also think about process optimisations, integrations with administration solutions and marketing automations.

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Working together, we have the following services in-house.

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  • E-commerce from AZ
  • FROM strategy development to monthly optimization
  • Active in the since 2011 E-commerce
  • Always data driven
  • a fixed ecommerce team as a partner

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