01 February 2022

EASY Noise Control: Grow together every month

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EASY Noise Control (ENC) is the specialist in the field of acoustics and sound insulation. EASY Noise Control offers solutions for offices, schools, catering, homes and cars. They can therefore help with reverberation in your factory hall as well as with noise nuisance in the office.

Social Brothers is the digital partner of EASY Noise Control, together we have developed various websites, webshops and marketing campaigns. In addition, a HubSpot marketing automation platform has been developed as a connecting means between the different channels. 

In this case:

  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Facts & figures


We have developed a website for ENC that we also continuously optimize. For that, let's let the data speak. Not only do we check speed and security on a daily basis, we also conduct weekly A/B tests to see which version works better for visitors. This is how we translate the data into the ideal customer journey. The focus here is on the performance of the website and the conversion rate.

We also optimize SEA, SEO and social media campaigns on a monthly basis. Great added value for ENC is the link between SEA and AdCalls. Many orders from EASY Noise Control go over the phone. These are often larger orders that involve a lot of details. Using Adcalls, we can count these calls as leads. This is extremely valuable information for ENC. 


The latest data-driven redesign has resulted in a website in which the user can easily find what he is looking for. If you have a problem, look under the heading 'solution'. If you are looking for a specific product, such as a desk screen, you can easily find it under the 'products' menu button. If you are looking for a specific brand, such as EASYPhoto, search under the heading 'brand'. With the new structure it is completely clear. This redesign has increased the conversion rate by 76%.

Facts & figures

  • Increase of 30% in the number of visiting sessions per year
  • Increase of 22% in the number of transactions
  • For Google Ads an increase in ROI by 403%
  • Decline of the CPC by 31% 
  • Rise of the conversion value by 113%

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