11 February 2022

5 tips for email automation

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By automating your emails, you can reap many benefits. But how do you properly approach e-mail automation? We give you five tips to get started right away.

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1. Start testing

Before you start with email automation, it is important that you gain insight into what appeals to your target group. That's why you start by testing your emails. HubSpot has a built-in ability to do A/B testing with your email campaigns.

You can easily create two versions, where you can adjust subject line, layout, content and order, among other things. By sending two different emails to (a part of) your audience, you find out which variant is best able to encourage your leads to take action. You then send that version to the rest of your mailing list.

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2. Personalize your automatic emails

In many e-mail programs you have the option to add a so-called personalization token. With this you can ensure that you address the recipient personally and possibly also mention his company and position.

This makes your automated emails more personal and increases the chance that the recipient will feel that the email was written just for him or her. This in turn increases the chance that the recipient will open the mail, read it and take further steps.

3. Segment your contacts

With a CRM you can segment your contacts. We recommend that you do this based on the buyer journey. Distinguish between Visitors, Leads, MQL and SQL, Opportunities and Customers by asking yourself what the intention of your visitors is.

Are they still orientating on the possibilities (awareness stage), are they still weighing the possibilities (consideration stage) or are they ready to make a decision (decision stage)?

You then use these segments for your email automation: they give you the opportunity to automate your email contact and still keep it personal because your information matches the buyer stage and needs of your lead.

4. Set up automatic workflows

Initiate actions based on the actions of your leads. For example, if someone clicks the 'Download white paper', an email will automatically be sent to that person with the whitepaper as an attachment.

Make sure that an automatic follow-up mail follows after a few days. You can set up workflows yourself 'from scratch', but you can also use existing templates, for example from HubSpotRead here which workflows are useful for your e-commerce.

5. Track the results of your email automation

Keep track of what happens to your automated emails. Mail programs such as Mailchimp and HubSpot have integrated tools for this. How many of your marketing emails are opened? How many people click on CTAs in the mail?

This information is important to improve your automated emails. You can also combine this information with lead scoring: someone who is on the CTAs clicks, is apparently interested in your company. So follow up!

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about email automation or other forms of automating your marketing? take contact up with Social Brothers. We are happy to advise you.

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