11 February 2022

This is what makes content readable

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With content growing on the internet and social media, it's all the more important that you write content that engages, likes and shares your audience. When you work as a content writer, you can feel that your content goes unnoticed amidst the busy online traffic.

The previous article on website content was more about the technical content of the content you write, SEO, target audience and quality. You can read that here: https://socialbrothers.nl/hoe-schrijven-je-goede-website-content/. In this article we will give you tips for writing web content if you want to stand out with your content.


It is often underestimated how important it is that your content is shareable on social media, for example. So make sharing your content as easy as possible, if they still need to set or change something, you will lose them. So respond as fully as possible to the reasons people may have for sharing certain content. When you want your pages all over the internet shared, it turns out that rewarding works well. For example prices or discounts on (exclusive) products and services.


In the marketing world, call to action As a well-known term, even when you want certain content to be shared on the internet, calling to action is an effective way to get that done. Very strong action-oriented language convinces your reader to go further than just reading the text. Think, for example, of registering for the newsletter, clicking further to read more, participating in the panel and the like and follow on social media. You can then take into account the language you use, for example words such as: 'save, now, new and simple'. These words are effective because it stimulates the subconscious. However, make sure that there are not too many action options, that causes choice stress so that the visitor does not make a choice.


The eye also wants something, as they say. This also applies to your content, success with content depends on the attractive visuals. Visual material such as video, photos and illustration is of great importance, especially on social media, to make you stand out from all other content. Text should contain at least one, but preferably several visuals for good engagement. Of course, these images must support the main text.

Convincingly emotional

Then Last but not least: With the texts you write you want to convince people with your content, for example to change their behavior in response to your message. People make on average more than 700 decisions a day, more than half of these decisions are made unconsciously. What also makes your texts more convincing is a bit of personalization. That is why it is good to process personal information in your posts and articles, so that people can identify with it.

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