Growing online as a B2B company

Doing business to business, just trade fairs or via the well-known “cups” of coffee? Nope, we help our clients to make their business successful digital proposition.

We help our B2B clients grow

As a B2B company, doing business online can be challenging. The well-known cups of coffee and day-long fairs still reign supreme. Our team helps our clients further digitize their marketing and sales activities.

For these clients we have a marketing and sales funnel developed, equipped on the customer journey from your clients. What starts with a digital campaign or search within Google, ends in an automated email funnel to schedule an appointment with your sales people.

Through data, A / B tests and the implementation of the right software, we help our B2B clients to grow.

Meet Niels de Leng, Business developer

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Time for a summary;

  • Building brands has been in our hearts since 2011
  • with your van or business model, positioning to complete corporate identity
  • Brand as a basis for further growth
  • a fixed branding team as a partner

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