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LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or Pinterest, which channel do you use to reach the right target group?

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Social Brothers

We have been helping our clients with Social Media since 2011. A lot has changed since 2011, but the role of Social Media for our clients has only grown. Whether you go for B2B on LinkedIn or Facebook or B2C on TikTok or Pinterest, we will set up the campaign for you. Always focused on conversion, sometimes for brand awareness or bringing the right information to the attention of the right target group.

Your service or product can be fantastic, if you do not generate attention for it, you will be left with your stock. Fortunately, Social Brothers can help you with campaigns that attract attention, are controversial and most importantly lead to conversions. We go for a data-driven approach where we look at what your company needs: a large online brand awareness or more sales or leads. And which medium fits best: from the professional network of LinkedIn to the young TikTok, our ads can be found everywhere!

How do you create the best ad? By keeping your head up and continuing to optimize after setting up. By continuing with ads that convert visibly. Through with A/B testing to find out how it can be done even better and by continuously interpreting all new data. That is what the Social Brothers marketers are good at. 

Summary, let's go

  • Fully full funnel social media campaigns
  • Data-driven approach
  • A/B test optimization
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization

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