May 09, 2022

Partner speaks: FYNCH

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We held an interview with Serge van den Berg, CEO of fynch, about how he experienced working with us, Social Brothers. For various projects we have joined forces with Fynch to create impactful projects for, among other things, the Low Car Diet en Smart Travel A20. 

Within this collaboration, Fynch supplies the app and software. We are fully responsible for the data-driven marketing and recruitment expertise. Digital marketing consists of, among other things, the recruitment and activation of participants by setting up campaigns. When Fynch Works on Consumer Focused Projectsand, they are happy to enlist the help of Social Brothers to reach this target group.

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Serge and his partner Joris Smulders started the company Fynch in 2019. Fynch is an impact-driven tech company. With their innovative app, they help employees and employers to register and declare business travel, commuting and home working days. They also encourage and reward users who make sustainable and healthy travel choices. The app recognizes when someone is cycling, walking, using public transport, taking the car and even when someone is traveling by plane. The data provides insight into the amount of CO2 that you emit per day. The aim is to stimulate behavioral change in the user to travel more consciously and healthier by cycling, walking or working at home more. This behavioral change is made attractive through differentiated mileage allowances, through gamification and through the rewards offered by the app. In the app, users can earn coins for sustainable and vital travel behaviour. You can exchange these coins in the webshop for 'healthy' products such as bicycle attributes and sportswear. Employers can also set different kilometer allowances to encourage sustainable mobility.

'We provide employers with insight into travel behavior and CO2 emissions of their employees, we also help to stimulate sustainable mobility. We give employers the option to set different mileage allowances. For example, you increasingly see that employers offer a higher mileage allowance for bicycles and electric cars than for petrol cars.'

fynch mobile app

How it started

Serge used to work at Shell, where he already understood the importance of reducing CO2emissions. This vision resulted in Serge and Joris starting their own company together, ProDrive Learning. This later evolved into Fynch.

Both men have eand personal motivation to commit to reducing the ecological footprint. They believe it is important for the future of their children to help achieve the climate goals. They are aware that for a change one must not only look at new technology, but certainly also at the change in consumer behaviour. They contribute by committing themselves to sustainable mobility. 

'As a company, we are driven by 500.000 tons of CO2 to save annually. Not only do you need a lot of users for that, but they also have to adapt their behavior and travel more sustainably.' 

fynch mobile app 2

The collaboration with Social Brothers

Serge had already heard of Social Brothers from the collaboration with the Traffic Company (currently known as Zuid-Holland Ookbaar). After an introduction, Fynch decided to work with us.

For the Smart Travel A20 campaign of the Traffic Company, we want travelers on the A20 to be part of an (online) community and to activate them to participate in the A20 Smart Travel Challenge. The aim of the campaign is to inform, stimulate and activate the right target group through a data-driven recruitment campaign to start traveling smarter. By deploying targeted (online) actions based on proven behavioral principles, we gained insights that we could then use to further steer our campaign.

'Social Brothers set up a very nice campaign for A20 in two months, which went well.' (Think of a total of 1.569.650 views with a range of 493.999) 

Serge considers the entire project management to be one of the strongest qualities of Social Brothers. "It gives a sense of confidence that the campaigns can be left entirely to Social Brothers." He also indicated that communication and implementation are always handled professionally. The reports that are provided provide a clear insight into what has been done and what results have been achieved. He sees Social Brothers as a worthy creative sparring partner.

'End-to-send you can contact Social Brothers to outsource the digital marketing. It is very nice to be able to completely hand this over. You are of course very focused on online communication, where I personally sometimes miss the offline, traditional marketing. This could perhaps get more attention.'

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