11 February 2022

10 must-have mobile AR apps

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Thanks to mobile AR, Augmented Reality is no longer something exciting and something new, but something that is available to the general public. More than 2022 billion AR Ready mobile phones are expected to be in circulation by 3 (ARCore from Android and ARkit from Apple). In this blog we show ten AR apps that should not be missing on your smartphone.


When you think of mobile AR and social media, you think of Snapchat. Snapchat's AR filters are a big hit and are now also available integrate with other applications, such as Zoom.

The great thing about SnapChat is that the company continues to develop new AR capabilities and not without results. For example, in May 2019 they launched the Gender Swap and managed to double the number of downloads of the app. So it's no wonder that other social media like Instagram and Facebook are also following Snapchat's lead by integrating AR into their programs.

Snapchat has also recently launched an Augmented Shopping campaign in partnership with Gucci. A 'try-on' filter for AR shoes has been created for this purpose. You can also buy the shoes immediately via the 'shop now' button. Read more about how Snapchat's lenses work and how you can use them for your company just like Gucci.

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2. Google Translate

With more than 7 million downloads in the Google Play Store and an average score of 7,5, Google Translate is certainly a successful app. Not only can the app translate 108 languages, for 90 languages ​​it is possible to make an instant translation with your camera. The translation will then appear in AR over the original text. Handy on vacation or on a business trip.

Google is certainly a company that is making good progress in the field of mobile AR. For example, with Google Lens you can get extra information at landmarks in your photo and the AR capabilities of Google Maps are also increasing. Read more about the Google Glass 2 and other AR glasses here.

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3. Ikea Place

With Ikea Place you can project about two thousand Ikea products in your room. This way you know immediately whether it fits with the rest of your interior. This is a good example of product visualization in which AR is used to better acquaint the customer with the product that he wants to purchase with AR.

This is a powerful form of marketing which we also use at Piet Boon and Linteloo, among others.

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4. Bentley AR Visualiser

This form of marketing from Ikea Place is taken a step further by Bentley with the AR Visualiser. This app gives you the opportunity to experience the new Bentley Flying Spur in AR. You can already park the Bentley in AR in your garage.

Not only does it look nice, but that way you immediately know whether it will fit in. You can view all the details of the car and immediately experience a test drive in Augmented Reality.

5. Giphy World

GIFs are useful marketing tools. These small video files are easy to send in, for example, marketing emails. They can make complex ideas clear in a simple way: after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

With Giphy World it is possible to create AR-based 3D images to make even more clear with a small video file.

6. TapMeasure

With TapMeasure you can measure everything, including angles and dimensions of your room. Handy for your renovation, but of course also suitable for use in the construction sector.

There are multiple measurement apps, but TapMeasure goes a step further than most of them. It also allows you to create 3D models of a room and export them to CAD files. This makes your renovation a completely new experience!

Although there are also professional 3D scanners on the market for these applications, a lot is already possible with nothing more than mobile AR.

7. Just-a-line

The Just a line app lets you unleash your creativity. With the app you make drawings on your smartphone that you can then bring to life by projecting them into reality. From a radiant sun to a game of butter, cheese and eggs: it appears in just a line with Just a line.

It is useful that two people can work on the same drawing at the same time. Nice for a party, but also handy to share your ideas without pen and paper.

8. Vuforia Chalk

For remote technical assistance you can use Vuforia Chalk. Admittedly: you have to find an expert yourself, but that expert can then watch with you and indicate with a digital chalk which buttons to press or which levers to turn.

Both participants see the same image and can draw on it. This way you can work together as if you were together. A mobile AR app for remote assistance. Read more about more complex forms of remote assistance in our blog about practical applications of AR.

9.Civilization AR

Based on the BCC's Civilization series, this app allows you to view thirty artifacts from around the world from all sides. Via X-rays and texts you get extra information about the artifacts.

This app shows the possibilities that are also available in the cultural sector for Augmented Reality. This includes enriching a visit to a museum by showing extra information in the form of stories and X-rays, but also options for visiting a museum from a distance.

10. Starwalk 2

Another example of an educational AR app. With Star Walk 2 (no, not Star Wars) you can put an AR layer over the starry sky, making it easy to recognize different stars and constellations.

Now this is no longer necessary for navigation, but still interesting to know. There are also other variants of it such as Night Sky, Sky Guide and Sky Map.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about the different options that AR offers? Then read us complete handbook on Augmented Reality† Also take a look at the AR services page to see what Social Brothers can do for you.

Do you want to know which forms of mobile AR solutions can offer in your company, please contact us. Social Brothers likes to think along with you.

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