07 February 2022

Working at Social Brothers, according to developer Ryence

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Ryence Hörmann has been working as a front end developer at Social Brothers for four years. He started as an intern and progressed to full-time front-end developer. We interviewed him about working at Social Brothers.

Working at SB

What do you do at SB?
As a front-end developer I build custom websites for our customers. I am responsible for the visual side of the website, but also for the CMS that the customer uses to put together the website. I think it's important to make sure that customers are satisfied. They want a website that looks good on website and phone, but also a nice way to customize the website.

What does your day look like in general?

I start early so I can eat in the office in peace. Then I have a number of meetings about what I'm going to do that day. I also direct people with projects that I am familiar with. Then I can work on different projects all day, interspersed with meetings with other developers. With these meetings we ensure that we can help each other further in terms of content.

How is the atmosphere at Social Brothers?

There is a nice atmosphere of brotherhood in the team. We often joke with each other, but we also help each other when someone has an issue. We always do an extra check and everyone's opinion counts. If you think it can be done differently, you can notice that and we will take it with us. We really are a team.

What makes working at Social Brothers fun?

It's hard hitting, but we work with a nice team. The conviviality next to work is top notch at Social Brothers, such as playing table tennis during the break. Friday afternoon drinks are often a lot of fun and many fun things are planned outside of work. I like the sporting events myself, such as Mud Masters with the whole team or the weekly boot camps that were there pre-corona. Those are just the things that encourage you to get fitter with your colleagues.

Pre-corona we also regularly had game evenings. Then we play Age of Empires or other games and go on all night. The building also contains various Lego sets that have been put together by the employees. At the moment there is a lot of focus on digital events, such as mystery events and month-end closings.

What did you learn at SB?

Keep working and take a good look at your work. This makes it possible to deliver things that you can be proud of and that the customer is also happy with. We always do an extra check here, so that what we deliver is actually good and everyone can be proud of it. To do this, work with pull requests. With a beautiful website, a customer is still happy years later.

Why would you recommend other people to come and work at Social Brothers?

It's a lot of fun. You will work hard, but on many fun projects with a friendly team. And there is a lot of variety. Then you work on a website that has to be finished in a week, then you have a project that takes you weeks.

You also not only work with the development team here, but you are always in conversation with every department. Then you talk to marketing about a link, then to the designers about a new website. You hear from everyone what they are doing and not just your own team. So you also have contact with all the teams around it, which is very instructive.

How are the first weeks of new colleagues at Social Brothers going?

Recently, a lot of new colleagues have started. So we are growing very fast. Developers come to me for onboarding. You will then learn how we work and what our standards are. Usually you start by building a website on an old design. You get feedback and learn to work in our workflow and skeleton theme. I always let new employees do a lot themselves, but I am wrong and I am available for explanations or questions.

What do you need to be part of the team?

Wrong humor is always good. And furthermore a positive approach and not afraid to work hard. One week you have to work hard here, the other week you have fun and it is nice and quiet.

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