11 February 2022

Augmented Reality at Social Brothers

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… an interview with specialist Hugo Kamps

What is your position within Social Brothers?
I work in the Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality department of Social Brothers. I started here as an intern and now I have been working under contract for six months. I studied HBO-ICT software engineering at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. You learn how to develop software here and during my minor I delved into working in 3D engines. Think of user-friendly software for a wholesaler, or a smart web application for a music festival.

What exactly is augmented reality?
The big difference with virtual reality is that with augmented reality you continue to see your own environment. A so-called digital layer is then placed over this: holograms. This can be done via the camera of a smartphone or AR glasses with a special prism lens. We have all been able to get acquainted with it with Pokemon Go, for example. I think augmented reality can change our lives in a very practical way. Social Brothers is responding to this, with a small team of experts working on this creative and effective form of ICT.

“With our combined knowledge and creativity, Social Brothers can come up with very cool solutions for any problem”

What is Social Brothers doing with augmented reality?
In addition to Virtual Reality, we at Social Brothers also do Augmented Reality (or AR). The latter is very broad and actually we can think of a reason for every company why they could use AR. We already have many customers who have used AR after showing them what it can do during a presentation, because that's a lot. You can't think of it that crazy or you can use AR, that way you can exchange the fairly boring two-day training for a gamification that only lasts two hours, with the same result.

 With augmented reality, for example, think of the Ikea app, where you can use photo recognition with your camera to fit a virtual sofa in your living room. But you can even build an entire virtual harbor in your meeting room! What AR is also useful for is, for example, offering training. For example, for our client TCC, we have developed a virtual training using a hololens called 'safety in the workplace'. The enthusiasm was a lot higher than usual!

What Augmented Reality can offer exactly depends on what you use the app for. But matters such as working together remotely, more efficient (construction) processes and lower costs are always an issue.

Is this the gadget of the future?
Yes, I would say that. Many industrial companies in particular benefit a lot from augmented reality, because at these companies you have a lot of training courses about, for example, emergencies and malfunctions in sensitive equipment that must be solved as quickly as possible. You can simulate this very well in AR without having to rent entire rooms for this. But like I said, AR can be a godsend for a lot of companies.

Why is Social Brothers so good at working with augmented reality?
Because with our combined knowledge and creativity we can come up with very cool solutions for every problem and we also want to actively contribute to solving problems. In addition, we are always willing to first give a presentation about AR and then brainstorm about possibilities, which are almost endless with us.

In short, augmented reality is the future. At Social Brothers we think along with you. So, do you also want to do something with augmented reality? it's what we do:

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Cell: 030 737 09 02

Social Brothers can come up with very cool solutions for every problem with our combined knowledge and creativity

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