11 February 2022

Turn any website visitor into a sales lead with Leadfeeder

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98% of all company website visitors don't contact you, but that doesn't mean they aren't interested in the product being offered. Leadfeeder is a tool that provides sales intelligence by integrating sales and marketing data into your website. Social Brothers has recently started working with Leadfeeder, which greatly benefits the marketing and sales of its customers. But how exactly does it work?

Identify visitors

All visits to your website can be easily analyzed via the well-known tool Google Analytics. Leadfeeder is a web app that works through Google Analytics, where it is the top rated app worldwide. It can identify companies that visit your website. For example, you can see that one specific company has already visited your website five times in the past week: this shows some interest in your brand. You wouldn't even have noticed this without Leadfeeder, a missed opportunity if you ask us! Leadfeeder automatically sorts your website visitors by relevance and ensures that the most important leads are at the top. This gives you an immediate overview of the most important prospects.

Identify visitors
See the pages that are visited

See the pages that are visited

Then it is important to see which pages are visited exactly. For example, it is very useful to know whether a certain product group is often viewed by one specific customer, because the sales and marketing activities can then be adjusted accordingly. You can make your entire sales/marketing message differ per prospect in this way.

Email Notifications

It is also possible to set targets. These can be specific companies with which you would like to collaborate. When they visit your site you can immediately take action, because you will then receive an email notification. Something that leads to major competitive advantages in this aggressive sales world.

email notifications
Convert to Leads

Convert to leads

Then it's time to convert the data into a lead. This is possible through the LinkedIn plugin, so you can immediately start an easy conversation. It is also possible to export the data to well-known programs such as MailChimp, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho or webCRM. Through these programs, your perfect message can reach the right customer.

Closing comments

Social Brothers is very proud of this partnership and can't wait to show all its customers the possibilities of this application. Do you want to take your sales/marketing activities to the next level? Or are you simply curious about the possibilities of Leadfeeder for your company? For more information, go to Leadfeeder's website† Of course we are always available for a cup of coffee and a good conversation about this tool!

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