11 February 2022

What makes a good Careers At website

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Every year, approximately 37.000 students graduate from higher education and then have to enter the labor market. This is your target audience. Only, how do they reach you? It is therefore important to have a good Careers website so that suitable candidates can find you. According to Bersin's Factbook, more employees are hired through companies' own Careers website than through any other job board. In addition, you can set up your own page the way you want. People generally decide within 60 seconds whether they think your page is worth it or not. Then it is of course important that you create a page that can make a big impression, right?

Social Brothers and WP Brothers have extensive experience in creating good careers websites. next to our own recruitment website, we have developed careers websites for, among others back base en bloomreach.

But how do you make a good careers website? we tell it, it's what we do.



First you will think about a strategy: why is it important to have a Careers page?

Of course you already have a corporate website, but it is not specifically aimed at the labor market. To appeal to new talent, it is important to have a separate Careers page that is connected to the recruitment journey.

To map out the recruitment journey, it is important to know which target group you want to address and how you want to do this. For example, you address young professionals who want to work at a start-up differently than young professionals who are looking for the next step in their career. Not only will you need a different tone of voice, but you will also have to use other resources for your online marketing. Do your potential new employees search via Google for Jobs, other job boards or via LinkedIn?

According to iCIMS, 70% of job seekers search on their phone

Data research

Research which terms your target audience uses. Do the candidates you are looking for use more words such as copywriter, or rather a copywriter, marketing assistant or content creator? Data research provides you with vital information: where do the people who found your page come from and how can you use this to your advantage? You can use this information to ensure that the vacancies appeal more to the new talents you are looking for. Also use them for the SEO en SEA to ensure that your vacancy appears for the correct search terms. When you have collected all the necessary data, you can start looking at the next step of your page: the design.


This part should show the translation of your company on screen. Job seekers should be able to see at a glance where to apply. For example, it is a good idea to use original photos or videos for your page. Who is the recruiter, who is the team? This makes it human and accessible. It is clear to the candidate from the start where he or she stands. With this you work on a strong employer brand or employer brand.

After that, it is important in the recruitment process that new talents can quickly leave their details after they have become enthusiastic about the vacancy! Also not unimportant is the 'reward'. When you've managed to get a candidate to apply for your vacancy, make him or her feel welcome! At Backbase we do that with a GIF.


A good website can be quickly built and adapted. Certain functionalities are indispensable, such as a suggestive search functionality, the possibility to save vacancies, an API connection with your ATS and of course tracking codes to measure the performance of your website.

An ATS or Applicant Tracking System is a software application with which you can manage the candidate flow. You can create a database of candidates. This gives you insight into who you have invited or rejected and you can use it to build talent pools. You make the recruitment process more efficient for yourself and for your candidates. For your own convenience, it is nice if the ATS is directly linked to the CMS of your Careers website, so that candidate data is automatically saved.

In addition, your website must of course be easy to find! Job seekers should land on your page without too much click. It is important to keep an eye on new developments, such as Google for Jobs. This is a way for an employer to publish vacancies and in this way to get in touch with job seekers. When all this has been thought out, you can proceed to the content. Read more about Google for Jobs here† With Google for Jobs, it is not only important that your SEO is in order, but also that Google knows what your vacancies are through structured data.

When building, also consider the mobile version of your website. If you don't have one, you've already lost candidates, according to David Goldin, CEO of Capify. According to a recent iCIMS survey, 70% of job seekers search on their phone. Key So!

Also not unimportant: make sure that vacancies are easy to share via social media. This way you can not only attract candidates who are specifically looking for a job, but also tempt new talents who are not looking with your employer brand.


The content, in this you can let the tone of voice shine through. Which target group do you have and how do you adjust the page accordingly? Also think carefully about what is in a good job description. A good vacancy text is clear and transparent. Most questions have already been answered: what are the activities, what is the atmosphere of the company, how many hours per week is the position for, what are the job requirements and how does the application procedure work? When the text is specifically written, more suitable candidates will of course respond. This saves time in the recruitment process. Of course, make sure that all content complies with the General Data Protection Regulation AVG (our new privacy law).

Things that you can also take into account – especially if you have a somewhat younger target group – are for example: being able to share vacancies via Whatsapp, multilingual pages, recruitment bot for questions and dividing the vacancies by department. Bee Debut we have done the following, so you can identify with different personalities. Check it out!






Would you like to know more about careers websites?

Would you like to know more about careers at websites and the recruitment journey? Read our case about Work at Backbase† Or discover what we are for being able to offer your Werken-Bij website.

Do you need help creating the perfect page or website, integrating your vacancies in Google for Jobs, planning the recruitment journey and the recruitment strategy or the link between your Careers website and your ATS? Contact us. We like to think along with you.

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