11 February 2022

The benefits of HubSpot

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You may have heard of Inbound Marketing† But what is it again? Inbound is a method to grow your organization. It is based on building meaningful and lasting relationships with your customers through valuable content and experiences and helping customers achieve their goals. Because if your customers are successful, so are you. One of the advantages of HubSpot is that it is completely focused on Inbound Marketing.

The Hub Spot CRM is a software package built around the inbound method. It helps you and your customers to grow. In this blog we discuss what HubSpot offers to marketing, sales, service team to achieve goals and what the benefits are of HubSpot.

The HubSpot Advantage: Collaboration

Ideally, all teams work together to support the inbound experience throughout the buyer's journey. The buyer's journey should thus become a road without bumps. But in reality there is often friction, for example due to inefficient processes. That in turn can lead to a negative experience for your leads or potential customers. Where do you see room for improvement?


Generate quality leads or MQLs

Create and manage content, attract leads and nurture them until they are ready for the sales department


Turn leads into customers

Connect with potential customers, demonstrate the value of your offering and close deals


Turn customers into promoters of your business

Solve customer problems and turn customers into promoters

From funnel to flywheel: the buyer's journey as a circle

The Flywheel is a HubSpot model to explain the thrust you get when you align your entire organization to deliver a great customer experience. You use the momentum of satisfied customers to get references and increase your sales. In principle, your organization will continue to run on its own if you put a good customer experience in first place and continuously deliver satisfied customers. With the inbound method as the foundation, you go through the three phases of the flywheel: attract, engage & delight or attract, connect & make happy.

The HubSpot CRM platform

The HubSpot CRM gives you the tools you need to keep working on the customer experience that drives your flywheel. Everything is contained in one database, so everyone in your organization – Marketing, Sales, Service & Operations – works with the same system. This allows flawless transfer between different teams and results in a better experience for your customers.

An overview of the tools in the HubSpot CRM platform:


  • A platform to help you grow
  • Get access to the basic tools you need to grow – whatever your business plan is

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  • Grow your business by integrating your website with your growth machine

Marketing Hub

  • Grab the attention of your target audience
  • Convert leads into customers
  • And to analyze and report.

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Sales Hub

  • Give you deeper insights into your prospects
  • Automates tasks
  • And you help close deals faster.

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service hub

  • Customer service software for satisfied users
  • With scalable support and empathy

Learn more about HubSpot and service

HubSpot service from Social Brothers

Perhaps the best advantage of HubSpot: you are not alone. As an official partner of HubSpot, Social Brothers helps you with every step in the growth of your company. We'll help you quickly get to grips with HubSpot's software. We take the time to understand your company's goals and create a plan for how HubSpot can help. We are of course also available for technical assistance and support.

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