May 23, 2022

The benefits of a working holiday? We share our experience!

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It is becoming more and more common for organizations to organize a 'workation' or a working holiday for the entire company. But what exactly does this mean? And what are the benefits of this, for both the company and the employees?

If you follow us on the socials, you may have already seen it, we went on a working holiday with all of the Social Brothers to beautiful Tuscany in Italy. We have experienced a working holiday with colleagues. In this blog we would like to tell you our findings!

Social Brothers UnderwayWhat needs to be arranged in particular?

Organizing a working holiday is not easy. Besides the fact that you have to arrange a trip for a large group of people, you also have to think about what is needed to be able to perform your work well in a place other than your own trusted office. We wanted a location where we could both live and work, which means that there had to be a lot of space. In addition, you want everyone to be able to retreat to escape the hustle and bustle of two weeks of being together with colleagues. 

Outside of the location, you have to think carefully about how you are going to move your workplace and what you need for that. What about additional screens, for example? Is the internet connection good enough to hold digital meetings with customers? Are there good tables and chairs available? Is there coffee (very important!)? And last but not least, check if you need travel plugs. All in all it's a big organization, but the benefits you get in return are great!

Benefits & our experience

1. Teambuilding, in time you get to know everyone within the company

During a working holiday you go out with your colleagues, the perfect moment to get to know each other better. We have found that a working holiday has meant that people from different teams; development, marketing, design and management, got to know each other better. In your daily routine at home you don't have much to do with certain departments. As a marketer, for example, you have very little to do with development and vice versa. A working holiday breaks this distance! You will not only be with your colleagues during working hours, but you will also sometimes do things together in the evening. Eating out together, visiting a local football match or getting an ice cream nearby. Ask a colleague you don't know well once, so you can learn more about other positions within the company and the people who perform these functions.
Social brothers @ football match

2. Discover another country and environment

A working holiday abroad gives you the opportunity to explore a new country and new environment. We went on a fairly long working holiday with Social Brothers (of up to 2 weeks!!), so we not only had the opportunity to discover Italy after working hours, but also in two weekends! For example, we made a trip to the town close to our location, Arezzo. In addition, we visited Florence during the weekend. Tuscany has a very beautiful nature, so many of our colleagues have explored the area by going for a run. Finally, we organized with the team that we could go to a real Italian football match after work, Roma x Florentina. See the photo on the right for proof!

3. Boost your creativity

sleepWorking is good for creativity. For example, a working holiday where you are in a completely new environment is also super good for your creativity. It inspires and brings you new ideas. A new country, new culture and mentality, all components that can lead to new insights and ideas. Creativity arises when there is mental space for it. During our working holiday, everything was arranged for employees, from the workplace to the second screen. All colleagues had to bring with them was their laptop and positive energy. Let the creativity flow!

Location SB working holiday

4. Escape your daily grind

A fixed daily rhythm is of course good for everyone. However, a surprise from schedule can also sometimes 'wake you up'. When all the days and weeks start to look alike, it's good to take a break. With a working holiday you don't have to sacrifice precious vacation days to get out of your daily rhythm. A change in your daily schedule can also positively affect your productivity, win win.




We could go on writing about our working holiday for hours, but these were really our main findings. Are you already convinced of the benefits of a working holiday? Interested in joining us on our next trip, check our open vacancies.


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