11 February 2022

5 advantages and disadvantages of a CRM package

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CRM stands for Client Relationship Management. In principle, this concerns the way in which a company manages the relationship and interaction with (potential) customers. Usually when people talk about a CRM, however, they mean a CRM system or a CRM package. This is software in which you manage the data of your business contacts, such as PerfectView, PipeDrive or HubSpot† In this blog we explain the advantages and disadvantages of a CRM package.

Benefits of a CRM

It is important that you keep track of your customers' details: not only contact details such as email address and telephone number, but also information about what was discussed by email or telephone. The big advantage of a CRM is of course that it gives you the opportunity to store this large amount of data in an organized manner.

Smooth transfer

By keeping this data in your CRM system, your colleagues also know what has been discussed with a customer or which steps have already been taken. Very handy if they take over your work, for example if a lead in the marketing funnel of the marketing department is handed over to the sales team. Your CRM can thus contribute to better collaboration.

Satisfied customers

But not only your employees benefit from a CRM. The program also ensures that you can work in a more customer-oriented way. After all, it gives you a good picture of the customer. This makes it easier to build a good relationship with your customer and increase customer satisfaction.


Furthermore, a CRM gives you the opportunity to analyze information about your prospects, leads and customers. You can use the results of these analyzes to make forecasts or to optimize your marketing process.


If you want to go a step further, you can also use this information to automate marketing process† Note: depending on the system you use, you can control the automation via the CRM.

advantages disadvantages CRM

Benefits for every team

In general, a CRM package has benefits for every team in your company and for your customers. Marketing can use the information to determine strategy, make forecasts and marketing automations to set up. Sales can keep track of tasks and contact moments and also the customer service has all the data in one place. That overview is all the more important in a world where contacts can be across many different channels, from telephone and chat to social media.

Disadvantages of a CRM

If you look at the benefits of a CRM package, you can't help but conclude that you can't do without it. But let's face it: keeping up with the system is nobody's favorite pastime. And like most programs, they never do exactly what you want them to do, mainly because many CRMs are old systems that don't always sync with modern customer contacts. Let's take a look at the advantages, so the disadvantages of CRM systems. Because every CRM is different and is suitable for different things, we do this per provider.


The Dutch cloud software from PerfectView will suffice for many companies, but not for all. And then it is a big disadvantage that you cannot add functionalities. In addition, the interchangeability and the possibility to link with other systems is limited. PerfectView can be linked with Mailchimp and with your mail via the Google Apps for Business. Furthermore, a link with various online agendas and social media is possible. However, you cannot get previews of messages. The program is therefore not entirely suitable for modern means of communication.


A good choice is the market leader Salesforce, a CRM that is much more up-to-date. This CRM is also extremely suitable for automated marketing† This often requires apps and APIs to be built. Furthermore, Salesforce is very expensive, making it less of an obvious choice for small businesses. For some, it will also be a disadvantage that Salesforce is only available in English.

advantages disadvantages CRM


Another option is PipeDrive† A big advantage of this CRM is that you can optimize the entire sales process and apply lead scoring. In addition, PipeDrive is available in thirteen languages ​​and the application supports almost all currencies. However, the CRM falls short in marketing. For example, there are no workflows available for marketing emails, which has the disadvantage that mail automation causes problems.

Zoho & Insightly

For the small businesses, Zoho of Insightly are more obvious choices. However, not everything is smooth sailing here either. Zoho never innovates itself, but follows functions of other CRM packages. The system will therefore never lead the way. Insightly, on the other hand, suffers from a very unclear interface.

Can a CRM be user-friendly?

This list of advantages and disadvantages of CRMs raises the question whether a CRM can be user-friendly at all. The answer is yes!

HubSpot is a modern and user-friendly system that is also free. HubSpot is the company behind the idea of inbound marketingbased on customer satisfaction.


Based on this philosophy, they have developed their CRM and the associated tools. This system is now known for usability, among other things due to an intuitive user interface and ease of management. This makes the CRM much easier to use.

HubSpot API link

Analyze and automate

The Hub Spot CRM is not only suitable for storing customer data, but also gives you the opportunity to track data and to automate your marketing and sales, without losing sight of a more personal approach. It is in line with a modern way of customer contact, which goes further than saving email conversations.


Due to a large amount of integrations and APIs (almost 200) HubSpot can be linked with many other applications from Office 365 and Google G Suite to Instagram and WordPress. The openness of the system guarantees that it matches the wishes of your organization and that new means of communication can also be quickly linked. Even if you are at the forefront of implementing new social media, your CRM will follow!

For a fee, the system can also be expanded with various tools for marketingservice en Sales† This means that the package is suitable for every company, from SME to corporate.

Trying out? Create an account here for the free version of HubSpot.

Want to know more?

Want to learn more about choosing a CRM? Or do you need help linking your CRM with other applications? take contact up with Social Brothers. As an official partner of HubSpot and expert in tailor-made API links we are happy to help you.

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