11 February 2022

How do you build a business community platform?

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What should you pay attention to?

The most important aspect is the connection between the possibilities of the business community platform and the target group. Each target group has its own specific wishes and needs for the online platform. We give some examples.


For large, international companies, both internal knowledge sharing and creating a sense of community is difficult, because many people all over the world need to be connected. This is a problem that a business community platform can offer a solution for.

Social Brothers has developed a news portal for Backbase, a big name in the world of software with offices in San Francisco, New York and Amsterdam. In this way everyone in the company stays informed about what is going on in the company. This increases the connection with the company. In addition, the portal gives employees the opportunity to contact them quickly and easily. Read more about the case here.


The needs of a target group such as a large corporate differ greatly from those of start-ups. Here there is a great need to connect with other parties. No internal platform is needed here, but an open platform with many opportunities for networking. Not only to raise capital, but also to pitch a project or concept.

UtrechtINC helps start-ups from market validation up to and including initial growth. Social Brothers has designed a website for them where events, vacancies and making contact with each other are central in order to meet the specific needs of this target group. Read more about the case here.

Business parks

Currently Social Brothers is working for the Rotterdam Makers District on a platform† There is an ambition in the region to have more interaction between companies and institutions. This interaction is made more difficult because the Rotterdam Makers District is divided into two areas: M4H and RDM. These are each located on a different side of the Maas, which means that it is not always obvious to walk into another company.

There are therefore enormous opportunities for a business community platform for this target group. It gives parties located there the opportunity to know who they are, what they do and what they can deliver. It must become a platform where supply and demand come together, with opportunities for networking and joining forces.

If you want to know more, read our tips for an online community platform.

Functionalities of a business community platform

Now that we have an idea of ​​the different needs of different target groups, we can look at the functionalities that match these. There are various options for networking, sharing knowledge or joining forces, for example. Of course, these functionalities can be combined with each other.


There are various options for networking via an online portal. For example, think of a face book, such as this example of Utrecht INC† This removes a barrier to contacting each other. This can be expanded with a video blog integration where companies, start-ups or employees introduce themselves to each other via a vlog.

Also consider integrating a social media feed and linking the networking options of these platforms to your own platform. In order to expand the own network, a vacancy portal can also be considered, for example for vacancies in the region in the case of the Rotterdam Makers District.

Sharing knowledge and skills

Sharing knowledge can be done easily via the business community platform, for example via an event overview, such as the overview of Itanks† The platform also gives the option to livestream events, in order to allow people who cannot be physically present to participate. Of course, fully digital activities, such as a webinar, are also possible via the platform.

Another option to share (internal) knowledge is a news feed page, such as at back base† This can be seen as a bulletin board where companies and start-ups can show what they have achieved in recent times or announce upcoming projects. Of course, this also offers opportunities for networking.

Sharing resources

When it comes to joining forces, you can think of sharing mobility resources, such as cars or vans, between companies in the region. Also consider sharing meeting space for start-ups.

The business community platform can also have an important 'marketplace function'. The different target groups can see each other's services, products or services or place 'advertisements' to promote internal cooperation.

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