11 February 2022

Is your company AR-proof?

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With Augmented Reality (AR) people can collaborate and learn in other ways and that offers many advantages in the workplace, both when it comes to designing, executing and communicating. More and more companies are therefore going to integrate AR in their work process.

In this blog you will find out what is important if you want to start with AR, what steps must be taken and what resources are available to facilitate the introduction of AR. Enter the world of AR and have a Digital Twin designed!

Determining the added value of AR

To start with Augmented Reality, it is important to determine the added value of AR. This added value can lie in better insight into 3D models, for example in the architecture or design industry, but also in better and realistic options for training, such as safety training. Those are two very different purposes for which AR can be used, which will also lead to two different AR products. By getting clear where AR has added value in your company, you can set a plan to actually implement it.

Show the added value

The most important thing for an AR-proof company is that its internal added value is also seen. 3D is an inescapable development that sooner or later every company will get to work, but not everyone is ready for it. If your employees do not yet see the added value of AR, it is important to demonstrate this with concrete cases.

With a proof-of-concept, we make clear how the daily work of the employee can be changed by AR, for example because design processes or communication processes are more efficient. Insight into the added value of AR for your employees leads to more internal capacity for its implementation. This internal capacity is necessary for the successful introduction of an AR working method within your company. Also read our blog about the different applications of AR.

AR proof digital twin car

digital twin

When you have clear what you want to use AR for in your company and your employees see the added value of the new working method, the real work can begin. In general, this requires 3D models of, for example, your machines, products and so on.

A digital twin is often the most suitable for this. In practice, it appears that the availability of 3D models leaves a lot to be desired. However, it is also possible to make a 3D model of a real environment. This brownfieldingprinciple goes against the standard principles of AR. After all, it doesn't go from 3D to real life, but the other way around. However, in many cases this turns out to be the most practical solution.

Social Brothers works together with specialized companies that can produce a millimeter-accurate model of an object or an environment via 3D scans. We also call this model a digital twin: a digital twin of the real model.

The digital twin is perfect to use for both AR and VR applications. For example, there can be real lifeinformation are added to the digital twin. For example, it is possible to display production data, reliability data or other data on a machine.

Integration work packages

When you start with AR in your company, it is of course not the intention that Augmented Reality remains separate from other software systems. A major advantage of the current developments of Augmented Reality is that integration with current systems is often already possible out-of-the-box.

3D is supported by most existing systems. It is already the case that Rino, Sketch and the full Autodesk package are almost plug and play available to use Augmented Reality. For example, by linking AR with AutoCAD, you can also immediately display technical drawings in 3D. Nine times out of ten, the data you have can be used for 3D models.

Read here how Social Brothers extracts information from BIM models via APIs.

AR proof?

In short, to make your company AR-proof, it is especially important to understand the added value of the extra digital layer. Are you and your employees convinced of the added value?

Then there are more than enough possibilities to actually apply AR, whether it is to design faster and to make your design more transparent or to learn better in (simulated) practice. The technique of the digital twin makes it possible to develop 3D models relatively quickly and easily for use in your digital environment and out-of-the-box API integrations let AR switch again with other programs.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about AR, read us too complete handbook on Augmented Reality or take a look at our other blogs.

Wondering if your company is AR-proof? Then take contact up and we'll watch it together!

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