November 11 2022

Data tracking – make data-driven choices

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Social Brothers is a 'data driven' digital agency. This means that we make choices based on data, but to make the right choices it is crucial to collect correct and relevant data. More data is not always better, so we search, filter and track certain data. When you track the right data, you can gain valuable insights to help your company further or simplify processes. 

You keep accurate and secure records of relevant data about your customers, target groups and their behaviour. Learn more about what data tracking is, why it's useful, how it works and which tools can help you track and analyze the data that matters to you and your business. 

What is Data Tracking? 

Data tracking is nothing more than selecting specific metrics and events to track. You can then use the insights from your data analysis to optimize campaigns, improve customer experience or increase business performance in general. And that is important if you want to better understand the behavior of your users – and ultimately potential customers. You will eventually use your newly acquired knowledge about this behavior to personalize and optimize your website, landing pages and blog articles, for example. All to improve that user experience. 

OK, but how do you do that?

Before we dive into the tools, think about what you actually want to know. This is absolutely the key to successful data tracking. To help you on your way, you will find a clear step-by-step plan with examples below: 

  1. What do you want to learn? 
    • For example, are you a product page and A/B testing? Then you want to know which version converts better. 
  2. Turn your question into a metric. 
    • For example, in the example above, this could be a conversion rate based on page views. 
  3. Determine multiple actions within your metric. 
    • In the example above, these actions could be:
      • A visitor lands on the product page.
      • A visitor clicks a button on the product page.
      • A visitor fills out a form on the product page.
      • A visitor makes a purchase. 
  4. Use this data to determine your strategic next steps. You now have a better idea of ​​what works for your target group and what less.

Clearly formulating these learning objectives, metrics and actions takes a bit of practice. To get started, consider the following topics: 

  1. Acquisition: which channels are best to get new users?
  2. Activation funnel: where do people drop out in our funnel?
  3. Retention: how do we reduce churn? – The total number of dropouts within your customer group.

Goals can also be smaller and more focused, creating a limited set of events to track:

  1. Does this variant of the pricing page lead to more signups?
  2. What is our customer lifetime value?
  3. How can we improve our activation funnel?

Data tracking strategy

How does data tracking work?

The tracking and collection of data is often carried out with cookies and/or Javascript. In this way, a company can collect information about user behavior on the different pages of your website.

There are several tools available that use cookies and Javascript to track data. For example, Google uses Javascript to measure how users interact with your website, but HubSpot prefers to use cookies.

The tools

You have a learning goal in mind, determine metrics and define actions. But how do you actually get relevant results? With the right tools. That's why we highlight a few that are worth exploring anyway. But there are dozens of other tools with which you can track data such as Data box, Hotjar of segment

Google Analytics

Definitely one of the most used and best tools to track your website data. More than 50 million websites already trust this tool. The good thing? You can use Google Analytics for any website and it's free. 

By adding a small piece of Google Analytics JavaScript to your website you can already measure the traffic. The basic functions of Google Analytics tell you how much traffic your website gets, where that traffic comes from - also think of which campaigns or external channels are driving visitors to your website. website, how visitors behave on your website and how long they spent on each page. But the sky's the limit. 

Unique features: 

  • Collect user session and ad campaign data from page requests by setting and reading first-party cookies on your users' browsers.
  • Use Google's Events to collect data (such as downloads, link clicks, form submissions, etc.) about interactions with your content.
  • Use Google's Event Goals to define a particular Event as a conversion.
  • Collect user-specific data while on your website, such as location, language, and activity.


One of the most complete tools to track and analyze data. The biggest advantage? HubSpot is also a CRM that allows you to immediately apply insights in practice. If you see a too low number of activated customers, you can send an email with HubSpot to explain how they can get started. This is not possible with most data tracking tools. But company-wide, customer data can be connected, cleaned and automated. 

Unique features: 

  • Synchronize data without code;
  • Automate data cleaning;
  • Install the HubSpot tracking code to measure website traffic on your landing pages, blogs, and webpages.
  • Track and manage your data with local regulations in mind (e.g. GDPR deletion, consent and cookies, and lawful basis processing).


General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. A privacy law that has been implemented in all EU and EEA countries. The law applies worldwide to companies that trade with persons from the EU or EEA and store data about these persons. Citizens have more control over their data and are protected throughout Europe. 

The definition of personal data is any information about an individual. Think of names, photos, email addresses, social media networks, location data and so on. Individuals must give explicit permission to companies to collect data and can withdraw this permission at any time. Think of actively accepting tracking cookies with the well-known pop-up or agreeing to the terms and conditions when subscribing to a newsletter. In any case, do your due diligence before storing data and avoid hassle and possible fines! 


Do you want to take your business to the next level? Then insight into the behavior of your target group is crucial. With a clear goal and a number of easy-to-use free tools, you are already off to a great start. Set clear goals and get started! Without data you don't know which channels or pages are underperforming or at which point in the funnel people drop out. Improving and optimizing landing pages or Facebook campaigns becomes a difficult task without these insights.

Take these tips with you and get started with data tracking! Collect new insights and improve your processes, marketing and user experience. Not finished yet? Check out more here inspiring blog articles.

Do you need help with your data tracking or do you just want to spar? Take contact with us! Social Brothers is a Digital Agency, we work with and for our clients. As a team we are driven by the challenges of our clients. Growing together is something we get excited about. Our team of consultants, designers, marketers and developers is fully focused on online growth. We have been on a playing field that changes daily for more than a decade. With new channels, changing resources or innovative techniques.

Every day we help our clients with the foundation of their business. A little better every day, that's what we stand for. Curious about what we can do for you? Click here

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