14 apr 2023

Introducing: Digital Consultant Brian

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Working at SB

Can you tell me a little about yourself and your role within the company?

'Certainly! I'm Brian Winters and I'm a Digital Consultant at Social Brothers. Once started as an intern and then I was allowed to stay as a Digital Marketer. Then I progressed to Digital Consultant.

As a Digital Consultant I am strategically responsible for projects, where I am, among other things, a sparring partner for the customer. Questions that come with this are; how are we going to set up the campaigns, which channels are we going to use for this, what budget should we use and what should we do to optimize the campaigns.'

How long have you been working at Social Brothers and what is your favorite memory so far?

'I've been working at Social Brothers for about five years now and of course there are many great memories involved. My favorite memory is the outings we did with Social Brothers. Weekends away to Düsseldorf, Groningen and Berlin were really great fun, but we also went on a working holiday to Italy. Those are recurring highlights. Through all these outings we have also created a very close team. I know a number of people really well and I really like that.'

Can you tell us about a project you've worked on that you're proud of?

'Snappies, an all-round swimming shop, is one of my favorite projects. Sneppies came here with the request for a new website and then we also did the digital marketing for the brand. Now we see turnover growing every month. It does make you proud to see that the plan you set up, among other things, has ensured that a company is really growing.'

What inspires you to keep working in this sector?

'I do think the challenge with many different types of customers. One minute you're in a luxurious office of a client and the next you're in a small room afterwards for a meeting. That makes it very diverse and challenging because you have to put yourself in the customer's business each time. You actually become a colleague of the customer again and again, where you have to get to know the company through and through.'

What skills have you developed during your time with the company and how have they helped you in your career?

'Definitely my social skills! I am now a lot more confident in, for example, first meetings with customers. I am no longer nervous about that, although it was different in the beginning. I have also been able to develop my general knowledge enormously here. I now know something about every industry and I can also have a substantive discussion about every industry.'

What does a typical working day look like for you and how do you keep yourself motivated and productive?

'It varies from day to day, but in general I actually start every morning by checking all my clients' accounts. Monday I always have internal meetings and I finish deadlines for the coming week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have many meetings with my clients. During those days I am also busy with making presentations and developing strategies. On Friday I often have internal meetings with the other consultants, where knowledge is transferred and, for example, it is indicated if someone encounters something. And Friday afternoon is of course all about the Friday afternoon drinks!

What keeps me motivated is especially the atmosphere in the office. Just a joke in between and talk to each other. That in turn ensures that I can be productive all day long.'

How would you describe the corporate culture of Social Brothers?

'With us it's a bit of 'work hard, play hard'. Maybe a bit cliché, but that's how it is. We work hard during the week, but there is also a drink every Friday and many outings are organised.'

What advice would you give yourself when you first started at Social Brothers?

'Be a little less afraid of making mistakes. I wanted to do everything perfectly in the beginning, but it's only good to make mistakes sometimes. In the end, you will learn the most from this and your strategy will only improve as a result. It will never be perfect in 1 times and you will always receive feedback. It is therefore better to think out of the box and come up with other ideas. That is exactly why companies hire an agency.'

This or That?

Never use Social Media again or never watch a movie/series again?

'Never again a film or series, Social Media is an important aspect in my work.'

Never use your phone again or never use your laptop again?

'Never my phone again, I can actually do everything on my laptop that I can do on my phone.'

Sing a song every day for the whole office or never have FreeMiBos again?

'Then sing a song every day, the drinks are too nice at Social Brothers!'


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