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Apps, the ideal means to get in touch with your target group on a daily basis, to reach specific target groups or to make certain activities just that little bit simpler. You can contact Social Brothers from the first idea to the launch.

'Are you texting him yet?

Since 2015, we have been developing apps for Android, iOS and other OSes for our clients. Apps, which are often an essential part of the customer journey. From cool loyalty apps for students, measuring mobility activities to giving first aid advice.

Our team of app developers is fully focused on developing the best mobile user experience, both with a quick check of your app and with continuous use. For the success of our apps, we use various integrations, such as push notifications via Notificare, CMSs and other possibilities.

Next steps
If you choose a Social Brothers app, we will start with a work session. In it we discuss the potential target groups, the objectives and the challenge. Based on user stories, we then arrive at a list of functions. From there we go through paper prototyping and wireframes working on it UX Design.

Then it's up to the developers ;). Depending on the customer's requirements, we choose a Framework, CMS and API. The app is developed in sprints. Internal testing is carried out per sprint, but stakeholders are also given the opportunity to test the app. The app can be launched after 6 to 12 weeks. With management we then take care of it that the platform continues to function reliably and safely.

A small summary:

  • Specific to the customer journey from our clients
  • Fully focused on usability
  • Scalable for each Goal
  • Good findable within Play and App bedspread

Want to know more about developing apps? Also take a look at our app development sister

Growing together with our clients is the best thing there is.

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