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Ons team bestaat uit stuk voor stuk gedreven en enthousiaste young professionals. Voor ieder vraagstuk hebben wij de specialist, marketing avonturiers voor creatieve uitingen en campagnes en website helden voor een prachtige volledig responsieve website of webshop. Wil je liever opvallen met een unieke app voor een evenement of een bedrijfsgame? Onze app nerds bouwen de mooiste apps, perfect werkend op iedere tablet en smartphone.

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Waar we trots op zijn

Benieuwd waar wij eerder aan gewerkt hebben? Wij zijn ontzettend trots op onze breed georentieerde projecten en laten ze dan ook dolgraag zien. Van een luxe meubelfabrikant (LINTELOO) tot een netwerkorganisatie in de haven van Rotterdam (iTanks).
Ontdek onze opdrachtgevers én opdrachten hiernaast.

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Auf gehts nach Deutschland!

Sorry folks – this blog will be in English, it’s about foreign affairs. Social Brothers is on a new adventure and we’re excited to take you with us on our road to Germany! For those who don’t know about our international route or just want to stay up to date during this trip, this is the spot! In “Our Road to Germany” we want to share all ins & outs about our first international road trip.

But before we jump in the car with you and sing along to Nena’s 99 Luftballons, we want to take you to the beginning. The beginning is not long ago though. In January 2019, we announced in our first strategic meeting of the new year that Social Brothers will expand across the border to our neighboring country. This is not only because of our personal liking for Germany or our international ambitions: Social Brothers is ready to show German businesses the right direction, using the digital and innovative roadmap that we have currently developed. We want to provide our German clients with unique frontend services, AR & VR workshops, our internal knowledge, skills and abilities. This includes Social Brothers’ core competence: creativity. Which will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and change your business for the better. For us, creativity is the central driving force in how we innovate, develop and design. It is like the gasoline that moves our car and ultimately drives us in the right direction.

"We will either find a way, or make one. That's how we do it at Social Brothers'"

But, of course, Social Brothers is aware that the complete road to Germany is a long one and might be bumpy, have obstacles or might even be uncomfortable. But we don’t call ourselves computer nerds with balls for nothing! We are not afraid of challenges and more than excited to drive out of our comfort zone and steer in any direction we choose. We will either find a way or make one. That’s how we do it at Social Brothers. Deutschland mach dich bereit, denn wir geben jetzt richtig Gas!

The first step was already a success: we collaborated with 5 ambitious students from the University of Amsterdam to help us prepare for our big adventure. The initial challenge of the students was to develop and validate an international go-to-market strategy. As part of the research, the students first developed an in depth-market research to find out which European country was the best fit for Social Brothers. The results confirmed the potential in the market makes Germany the best match for Social Brothers’ first international operations. Also, the cultural similarities can help us to engage more quickly with the German culture and create positive relationships with our future German clients. We now know that we are ready to go to Germany and introduce ourselves and provide creative and innovative solutions for German businesses. The great work of the students was rewarded with the third place in the entrepreneurial challenge of the university and won a price of €250.

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Anne-Marie Slot

Anne-Marie Slot

Als content creator bij Social Brothers houd ik mij bezig met het schrijven en opmaken van teksten en blogs op de website.