01 February 2022

Hotel De L'Europe: Working with the most beautiful hotel in the Netherlands

Melvin Woodenberg
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Does De L'Europe need an introduction? This luxurious 5-star hotel in the heart of Amsterdam is rightfully the most beautiful hotel in Europe. The atmosphere of the authentic Amsterdam is still present in the hotel. The hotel mainly focuses on international guests who want to experience Amsterdam's heritage in a unique and elegant way. L'Europe has engaged Social Brothers for their online marketing. 


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Data-driven campaigns


To support De L'Europe with online marketing, we first researched the opportunities and threats in the online market. Based on this, we set up SEA and social media campaigns that focus on leads with the highest conversion probability. These campaigns are optimized data-driven. This is possible because we have optimized the website and track all data from the first visit to the last touchpoint. 

Facts & figures

  • Increase in paid search traffic by 22%
  • Rise of the number of sessions on the website by 14%
  • Rise of the number of users by 8%
  • With A/B test quantity conversions doubled
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