20 January 2023

The new website of The Meatlovers – focused on conversion and performance

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The Meatlovers is the online meat specialist. With a wide range from all over the world, The Meatlovers supplies meat of the highest quality in the Netherlands and Belgium directly to the consumer. This meat is 100% fresh and will be delivered to your home chilled. Their target group consists of meat lovers and they would like to give this target group a restaurant experience at home with their quality meat. Social Brothers has completely revamped The Meatlovers website, focusing on conversion, performance and automation. 

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The Meatlovers recipe page

A total approach


In order to tackle these problems, we have started working on several fronts. The WooCommerce environment has been improved and we have used the conversion optimization of the webshop by means of data tracking. To make the work of The Meatlovers employees easier, we have implemented HubSpot and Middle Ware. Process optimization and keeping customer data is therefore simplified.

We also started marketing. Based on a keyword research, we have given advice in the field of SEO. We have also improved the technical SEO. This combination ensures that the website of The Meatlovers is now easier to find. We also bring in extra customers for the digital butcher with a data-driven social media campaign.

Facts & figures

  • Organic growth of 153%
  • With 53 search terms a first hit on Google
  • 1,92% conversion rate
  • ROI up to 8 at the SEA campaigns and CTR of 11%
The Meatlovers recipe page


The result of the collaboration between Social Brothers and The Meatlovers is a fast website that generates more conversions and is easier to find. That means more growth for the online butcher business. In addition, the ordering process is fully automated due to the links with HubSpot and Middle Ware. This not only saves time, but can also provide the customer with valuable insights. 

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