25 July 2022

Encourage residents to save energy together with the Municipality of Utrecht

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Together with creative communication agency Enof we launched the 'Slim! I do it' set up. In this campaign, in collaboration with the municipality of Utrecht, we want to encourage Utrecht residents to save energy, for example by purchasing a heat pump or insulation.

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Smart! I do it!


We have set up a broad campaign to reach the right people and interest them in the subject. With the slogan 'Smart! I'll do it' Utrecht residents get a glimpse of how others save energy and money. These ads run via Instagram and Facebook and are targeted at neighborhoods with a lot of owner-occupied homes. But there are also bus shelters with posters throughout Utrecht and various one-off promotions in the city. With this broad approach, we can generate interest in sustainable living among as many homeowners as possible.

Facts & figures

  • 304.000 impressions per month
  • More than 7.000 clicks per month
  • More than 10.000 website visits per month
  • More than 180 appointments per month

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